Seven Colors of Life Represented in Fresh Flowers

seven colors of flowers
Colorful Flowers for Delivery in Dubai

Human life is like a beautiful flower, gentle and colorful. While gifting fresh flowers sender is actually conveying this great message and sharing this knowledge to the recipient.  He is communicating silently that let us forget all the worldly affairs and live in complete peace at least some hours a day. Similarly, each flower color has different meanings to represent and even the mix of few or many colors can communicate true feelings effectively.

Which are the 7 Colors of Life and its meaning?

We call the 7 colors of rainbow in short form as VIBGYOR – Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. These all in the body and life of all human beings on this earth as essential qualities. Violet stands for joy, indigo for knowledge, blue for peace,  green for love, yellow for tranquility, orange for sanctity, red for strength. Union of all these rays creates energy within the body of human being and leads ahead in life as seven premium qualities from God.

7 Colors of Fresh Flowers in Dubai

In addition to VIBGYOR flowers have some more colors like light pink, dark pink, white and even green. White is known to have all others joined together to show the purest form. Each person has different choice and liking about the color of flowers and may be planned about selecting the right one when he go online to order for flower delivery in Dubai. It is to build a colorful and purposeful happy life that people makes use of fresh flowers as gift because it is by giving that we grow rich and peaceful.

Are these 7 colors flowers in Dubai available every day for delivery?

Yes, all the colors are available almost all days. Even if any color is not there in online store, customer can ask for it. Same is applicable to the type of flowers. Red roses is the most preferred item from anywhere in the world as the love gives the real strength. Thus, it seems to be the main purpose and soul of every life. We can make flower arrangement in any color as per requirement or as the occasion demands it. When a new baby girl is born pink flowers are suitable and for baby boy blue, red or yellow. There may be a reason to order for mix colors of few or as many as possible too. In February demand is more for red and that too roses as gift for Valentine Day. Roses are the fastest moving flowers available in maximum number of colors in Dubai and other Emirates.


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