Ideas for Gift are Many but Fresh Flowers are Preferred in Dubai.

fresh flowers
fresh flowers

There are many options for gift durable, non-durable, expensive, less expensive, movable, immovable etc. For some it is easy and more comfortable to give cash so that the one who receive it can decide what is to be bought with that money. Some others would like to limit the purchase to a particular store, shopping mall or entertainment facility by giving a gift voucher for a specific amount that can be used within a limited time frame. More than any of these options many people finally decide to give a flower bouquet.

Why is Flower Arrangement or Bouquet a preferred gift?

Every one irrespective of gender or age would like to receive flowers. No one receiving it will feel that it is cheap or less expensive as even a single rose is often chosen as the best gift. Will a particular item selected and gifted would be liked by the recipient is often a doubt in the mind of the person who give it. Or he would be confused if the recipient already posses that item and it may be wasted or ignored as of no use. In case of fresh flowers as everyone knows it reflects the true life and its body stays for only a few days. But the memories of that gift stay with the recipient for several years after the death of physical body of flowers. It is handy and convenient to present a flower bouquet and sender can buy as per his budget and requirement.

How is a bouquet of flowers or arrangement presented as gift in Dubai?

Flowers are arranged as hand bouquet, basket arrangement or in glass vase, small containers or stand. As per the requirement and occasion the style can be decided in discussion with a florist in Dubai. Hand bouquet can be wrapped with suitable gift paper whereas a basket or glass vase can be decorated with ribbon, silk cloth etc as required. It should look elegant and catch the attention of the recipient easily though the number of flowers may be less if the sender has a less budget.

How much is the cost of flower bouquet or arrangement as gift?

A bouquet or arrangement can be bought as per the budget of the buyer, if he walks in to a local flower shop in Dubai. If the budget is less, reduce the number of flowers and get a small hand bouquet made with fresh flowers that are not expensive. If the he is ready to spend more number of flowers can be increased and thus the size. Also there are cheaper flowers like carnations and multiple blooms like chrysanthemum that can be used to make less expensive flower bouquets. If the order is made for delivery anywhere in Dubai each shop will have a minimum order value.  We can deliver only if the order value is minimum AED150/- considering the time required and other travel expenses.

Where we can buy and send flowers as gift to Dubai?

If the sender is in Dubai he can walk in to a local flower shop and buy what he need. But if he is out of Emirate or in another country, the easiest method is to buy flowers online for delivery in Dubai, using the facility of reliable local store. Here the customer eliminate all the works of local search, waiting, and carrying. Next option is to search for the local florist, find the nearest one and walk in to give the order.

Is artificial flowers used as gift or only fresh flowers?

Artificial flowers are used mainly for home decoration. Very less people use artificial flowers as gift as the purpose is not of giving something cheaper. However for the members of their own home, keeping in view of using them for home decoration, some may still gift artificial flowers too. But original and fresh flowers is the best and first choice of many in Dubai same as in other parts of the world when they think of giving the most valuable and ever remembered gift with no price tag on it.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.


  • I find it really hard to decide what to give as a gift. I wanted it to be special and of course usable at the same time. It was my bestfriend’s birthday and I bought her a bracelet in It was not that expensive yet she love it. Thoughts really matter.

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