Flowers Say; Patience Pays

Patience Pays
Patience Pays

When things are beyond control, only what can be effective is patient waiting till getting flowers and fruits as reward. It is the graceful response to the situation that leads to a turn around. After a long waiting the favorite plant would blossom one day and give birth to amazing blooms. Send flowers to someone in trouble and give confidence to wait patiently, making use of all the strength of perseverance.

Needs and desires can be accomplished in some time with patience and persistence. There are people keep sending flowers proposing to marry hoping for the best to happen. Similarly, when a mistake happens in relationship, spouse keeps delivering flowers asking forgiveness. Saying sorry effectively may be a great way to end misunderstandings and bring happiness back to any relationship. Here also, patiently waiting that day of union or reunion may pay the returns. Remember that nature and thus universe has to take care of every one and their needs. So, it may take some time, but faithfully wait for the turn to receive the flowers to blossom on the plant of desire that you nurture regularly.

We need to enjoy the journey and working towards results than impatiently waiting for the fruits of efforts. Joy of attainment is certainly the aim, but we need to patiently enjoy the process of giving and taking. Persistence will give way for advancement, as we practice it as an important quality in life. Person who orders online for flowers can surely get the result, just by waiting 3-4 hours. Flower delivery in Dubai is quicker and smoother compared to other cities due to easy access to any place and compact nature. So, there is no need to get impatient after entrusting the work to an experienced florist.

It is astounding how we reach the destination when we remain patient and possess calmness. Irritation and frustration are the expression of impatience which actually does not serve the purpose. We can say, it does not make much difference we someone lose patience and in fact it does more harm. So, wait for the flowers of results by regularly watering the plant of efforts. When it keeps growing, sure it is going to give flowers. Do not forget to grow good relations by sending flowers and gifts while we enjoy the process of life.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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