Wedding Anniversary Flowers for Every Milestone

Love is a journey, and each year of marriage is a milestone in that beautiful adventure. What better way to celebrate these special moments than with flowers? For everyone in the world, traditions are cherished and romance is celebrated. Giving the right flowers on your wedding anniversary can make the occasion even more memorable. Here’s a guide to the perfect wedding anniversary flowers for every milestone in your love story.

1st Anniversary: Carnations

The first year of marriage is represented by delicate carnations. These flowers symbolize young and passionate love. Carnations come in various colors, but the classic choice for your first anniversary is red, signifying deep love and commitment.

5th Anniversary: Daisies

Daisies represent innocence, purity, and the simple beauty of your love. They make a perfect choice for your 5th anniversary, a milestone that signifies the strength and purity of your bond.

10th Anniversary: Daffodils

Daffodils, with their bright and sunny disposition, are the ideal choice for celebrating a decade of togetherness. They symbolize renewal and new beginnings, reminding you of the fresh start you make with every passing year.

15th Anniversary: Roses

Fifteen years of marriage deserves the timeless and passionate beauty of roses. Yellow roses represent the enduring friendship, while red roses are a symbol of the continued love and commitment that grows stronger with time.

25th Anniversary: Iris

The silver jubilee, your 25th anniversary, calls for the graceful iris. Its striking colours and intricate structure symbolize faith and hope, which are the foundations of a marriage that has lasted for a quarter of a century. The most popular flower arrangement for 25th anniversary on our website got 25+ positive reviews.

30th Anniversary: Lilies

Lilies represent devotion, which is a key element of a successful marriage that has reached the 30-year mark. These elegant and majestic flowers are a fitting choice for such a significant milestone.

40th Anniversary: Gladioli

For 40 years of marriage, gladioli are the flowers of choice. Their tall and elegant stalks symbolize strength and integrity, qualities that are the cornerstones of a marriage that has endured for four decades.

50th Anniversary: Roses and Violets

The golden 50th anniversary is a true testament to the lasting love between a couple. Celebrate 50th Anniversary with a bouquet of roses and violets. The roses represent the enduring friendship, while violets symbolize loyalty and faithfulness.

60th Anniversary: Diamonds and Calla Lilies

While not a traditional flower, calla lilies are a beautiful choice for your diamond anniversary, the 60th year. They are a symbol of appreciation and admiration, making them perfect for celebrating a love that has withstood the test of time.

75th Anniversary: White Roses

The remarkable achievement of a 75-year marriage deserves the purity and grace of white roses bouquet. These flowers symbolize lasting love, innocence, and respect, which are the foundation of a love story that has spanned three-quarters of a century.

Choosing the right flowers for your wedding anniversary can add a beautiful and meaningful touch to your celebrations. Each blossom carries its unique symbolism, helping you convey the depth of your love and appreciation as you mark these important milestones in your journey together.


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