Responsibilities and Expectations

Today let us share a few thoughts on responsibilities and expectations that stay back even when the friendship dims in a relationship. Both are shared and expressed often, failing which there will be problems surfacing. It may be social or personal responsibility that keeps two persons together many times. It may be the right of both of them to expect something in form or formless out of a growing relationship.

Marital Relationship

Both husband and wife have the responsibility to maintain a harmonious life. Both need to perform their duties in marital relationship. Expectations, either born before marriage or after always exists and happiness depends mostly on fulfillment of them. Responsibility to earn and take care of the expenses is mainly on man whereas duty of maintaining a proper household lies with woman.

Parental Relationship

Parents have responsibility to take care of the children to the best of their ability by giving best education, and providing all essentials. Similarly children have the responsibility to behave properly, obey and lead a life that is planned for them. Both parents and children have expectations also from each other. Elderly parents expect the care from children whenever they need it.


Friends have the responsibility to share and care as far as possible within their limitations. Deep friendship exists on the ability of each one to fulfill the expectation of the other party. Grow good relationships by sending flowers or other gifts on special occasions.

Teacher – Student

Teacher’s responsibility is to impart the best available knowledge to the student. They expect the students to behave as per norms and learn very well and follow a discipline. Student need to follow the instructions and keep an aim in life.

Employer- Employee

An employer recruits, train and employ someone expecting him to do the works as per given instructions and job profile. It is the responsibility to employer to give the salary and benefits on time.

In order to maintain and strengthen any relationship it is essential that we give something even if the other party does not expect anything. There is no surprise if someone in relationship expects a flower bouquet on birthday. It is also common to surprise the other person by sending flowers on special occasions. Let us nurture fruitful relationships by delivering flowers of care and attention.


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