How to Get Customized Flower Arrangement in Dubai

Many individuals and companies have requirement of customized flower arrangement in Dubai. They may have a clear reason for not selecting one of the items in website. Some of them need specific number of flowers in the bouquet and some others a specific style of arrangement. Flowers matching the brand and logo may be another reason for companies to look for customization. Whatever the reason, follow the below points for better clarity and convenience.

  • Contact a Physical Flower Shop

It is better to contact a local shop to make a customized flower arrangement in Dubai. Even an online florist with physical location can make as per requirement. Call them and ask if they customize or make it only as per the images in website. With previous experience of customizing several arrangements, a physical flower shop can fulfill the requirement. Be precise with the changes and modifications so that you get the best result.

  • Give Requirements in Detail

Most important is to communicate with the florist or customer care representative in the flower shop about the requirements. Type of arrangement, occasion, gender of the person receiving flowers, color and type of flowers are all very important. Therefore, give as much as details possible to match the flowers to the requirement. For example for a funeral, ask for white flowers basket or stand. Similarly for a wedding, get some images either from website or other sources and share the same with the florist.

  • Budget Really Matters

If more details are not available, at least specify the budget so that the florist can make his own decision on size and type of flowers. For example, the customer says he has the budget of AED250/- for a nice basket arrangement for wedding. In this case, florist has the freedom to use common flowers like lilies, roses, and chrysanthemum to make the basket. In case of high budget like AED750 to AED1000/- ask about the style of arrangement and number of flowers.

  • Be Specific about Date, Time and Place of Delivery

Provide the date of delivery, and time for delivery of customized flower arrangement in Dubai. Then, florist can plan and keep the item ready before specific time. Moreover, customer needs to provide the place of delivery with full address. On occasions like wedding or opening ceremony, it is very important to be precise about the time. Reliable florists will certainly stick to the promise and ensure delivery on time. But, in order to get express delivery of flowers, give specific location.

  • Always Use the Same Flower Shop

Lastly, we would like to advise to use the same company or shop, every time to make customized flower arrangement in Dubai. This makes the communication easy as the florist understands the taste of customer faster. Also, we can expect a liberal approach to the regular customer in terms of making the bouquet or even in case of delivery priorities. Similarly, trust of customer on his regular flower shop would be higher as per previous experience. In case of same day delivery requirement, try to ask for simple flower arrangements.



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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