When Should You Gift Fresh Flowers?

Flowers are the perfect gifting option for the occasion of congratulating someone! Yes, that is one occasion you would not want to miss out on: be it a new hire taking charge, or a deal done, or even when someone has cleared exams, you need to congratulate. You need to impress upon the person that you truly care for their victory or achievement. In addition, birthday, anniversary, wedding are other occasions to gift fresh flowers in Dubai or any place.

‘Small Gesture of Love’ Mean Much More Than That!

Obviously, Truth is only one and did someone say that it is pure-white in colour? Of course, it has to be so! An exquisite-looking cymbidium orchid of 60 cm height, packed in tempting, delicate and delicious-to-eyes style. Suitable as a corporate gift option. Yes, it could be a high-profile visit from the Head Quarters.

Make sure you make your mark!

How about a Good Dream? You may need to pinch yourself to come to your senses to believe you are actually seeing it. A variegated collection of lilies, roses, chrysanthemums and carnations are used in this dainty bouquet. Light wrapping, ribbon bow…it is a treat for the eyes and the mind and suitable for gifting on any occasion! As is evident, life is peppered with innumerable occasions; good, very good, average and sometimes disappointing. That is the prime reason why you should never ever fail to celebrate or mark an event in your signature style.

What is a better way to make the statement other than gifting flowers?

Perhaps I am not alone in thinking so! Twelve mix color roses, pink, red, and white vouching for the beauty of present moments and which can be delivered to anyone anywhere in Dubai is a fantastic idea! We know what flowers stands for: the purity, the kindness, tenderness, exquisiteness, the feel, the love, the power and ultimately the Best Bridge to Heart! By the way, you should definitely gift fresh flowers to someone, especially if the person is at a distance. More than a dozen of rich red roses are bedecked in a bed of green leaves and in a beautiful wicker basket! Serene, enchanting and making the recipient want more…

The Purity of Thoughts concerning this should have clear meaning. Imagine it is the Mother’s Day. The most kindred of the souls in your planet, the homemaker who accepts the real you; what will you gift her? A collection of pure white roses in a bed of lush green…sounds perfect; isn’t it?

May be flowers are not what they are; they are what we make them, how we pack them and ultimately deliver them! And these could mark myriad occasions: anniversary; something which you cannot afford to forget; birthdays, get-well-soon occasions, sorry, thank-you and please: gift fresh flowers and let them speak for you!


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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