Hypo-Allergenic Flowers for those Who Have Allergy Issues

Flowers are ideal gifts for anyone. Even the people who are allergic to flowers would probably love to have a bouquet from someone they love. But not at a cost! There are hypo-allergenic flowers available in all sorts of colours and sizes. These are quite suitable for those who develop allergies from flowers.

So, what makes hypo allergenic flowers different from the normal ones?

Flowers in general produce pollen and these are the main culprits that trigger allergies in certain individuals. However, the good news is that not all flowers have pollen. There are several types of flowers which have low pollen content in them, while some will have pollen that cannot go airborne and are sticky. These kinds of flowers, like the hypo-allergenic ones, will have very less or no chance of giving allergies to people. Such delicate beauties are perfect for those whom you would love to gift flower bouquet yet concerned about not to ruin their health.

Does that mean people with flower allergy have limited choice?

Well, not at all! One would be surprised about the variety of flowers that come under the hypo-allergenic type. Let’s have a brief look at them here:


These are commonly available everywhere, round the year. Roses without doubt are the best type of flower for gifting. Interestingly, their pollen is heavy and gives very less room for allergies. As the most beautiful, and popular flowers, they do not cause allergy is a big relief for many.


It is hard to believe; but yes, a certain type of cactus does have pretty flowers whereas the plant in itself requires low maintenance. Thus, make cactus a good choice for a present. After all, giving something natural and fresh to rejuvenate with fresh energy is the purpose of a gift.


These are really beautiful and come in bright colours. It is yet another flower plant variety that needs less fuss. Whether you give it as a bunch or single, an orchid can definitely bring cheer to the receiver. There are many types of orchids and they are all really beautiful and suitable as a gift. Available in purple, white, red, yellow, orange colors, anyone can receive orchids without any fear of allergy.


These are the safest of all flowers. Visibly there are no pollen in carnations and doesn’t have any strong scent. Known for their dreamy appearance, they come mostly in soft colours like pink and white as well as in darker shades like red and purple. They are really very good to mix with other flowers to make the bouquet colourful.


One of the most romantic flowers, tulips have great demand and can be seen in different bright colours. While the flower doesn’t trigger allergy, the tulip plant is said to give rashes while planting. While planning to give cut flowers as a gift, you can safely send tulips to anyone of any age.


It is a bunch of flowers in itself and mostly, come in soft shades. When matched with other varieties of flowers, hyacinth looks very classy and appealing. However, it gives out a scent which might make people feel discomfort.

Thus, you see, these hypo-allergenic flowers will make a good impression on the receiver as well as surely keep their allergies at bay. As a word of advice, it is always better to check beforehand whether the person to whom you are gifting flowers is allergic to them or not. Also, ensure that the flower shop in Dubai is selling hypo-allergenic flowers. And always choose the most reliable and caring one online.



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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