5 Great Choices of Mix Flower Bouquets

Which are the Best Mix Flower Bouquets Options?

Mix flowers bouquet is possible in many different color combinations. Similarly a florist can make a  bouquet  with any type of flowers as per customer requirement. We suggest a specific color combination in a bouquet as per the occasion. Customer can choose the best suitable mix of flowers from the website or by visiting the shop. Below are some of the fast moving options of mix flowers available in Dubai for gift purpose.

  • Red & White

Combination of red and white mix flowers bouquet is one of the frequent choices of customers ordering for delivery. Red roses along with other white flowers like chrysanthemum, orchids and carnations make beautiful bouquets. White lilies and red roses is one of the fast moving combination bouquets in our shop. Similarly, bouquet or vase of 25 red and white roses is also a big hit. Very large basket or stand arrangement also is possible in these colors for a wedding or other event. Tulips in red and white colors are yet another good composition for birthday or wedding anniversary gift. Thus, a color that is close to the heart and another one of purity join together to express pure love.

  • Colorful & Bright

If the customer needs a fully colorful and bright mix flowers bouquet, we advise to go for a combination of about 6 colors. In this case different types of flowers with suitable wrapping make a perfect gift for any occasion. A delightful combination of bright flowers and foliage is surely graceful to make an impact. Lilies, roses, chrysanthemum, carnations and orchids can offer such a mix of bright colors. They convey happiness and bliss in the best possible manner.

  • Pink and White

When your gift is for a lady of any age, pink and white is the best combination of colors for mix flower bouquet. Pink has two variations, light and dark out of which dark pink is brighter. Only roses or combination of different types of flowers can make pink and white mix flowers bouquets. This is the best combination of flowers gift for a new born baby girl and her parents. As a symbol of grace, pink flowers match well with white flowers of purity to bless a glorious occasion.

  • Yellow, White & Blue

These are colors for men of any age, on any occasion like birthday or get well soon. Combination of these 3 colors make excellent new born baby boy flower arrangements too. When you send flowers to a male boss or anyone in a respectable position, yellow and white with touch of light blue is the best.

  • Purple & White

This is yet another combination to get premium flower arrangements for wedding, anniversary or decoration at events. They bring in an ambience of royalty and arrange a perfect backdrop for a premium event or celebration. As a symbol of admiration, purple flowers make perfect combination with white flowers of innocence.

Thus, when you choose a mix flowers bouquet in color combinations, be sure to be conscious of the purpose. Gender of the person receiving the gift, age and nature of the occasion are other factors to consider in selecting the bouquet.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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