Send a Beautiful Flower Bouquet to Dubai

Hand Bouquet with Free Delivery

Hand bouquet is to ensure convenience, beautiful wrapping, and simplicity in a gift. Most preferred form of presenting flowers is hand tied bouquet less expensive or high priced. Delivery is always included with the price of bouquet and thus goes free anywhere in Dubai. It would be the best thing happened during the day, if someone received a bouquet with no special reason. We are assisting more people to experience the joy of sending and receiving love in physical form by offering free delivery. Those who wish to send a flower bouquet to Dubai in any budget, color or style can contact us on given local numbers.

Bouquet of any Size and Budget

A straight bouquet or facing arrangement can be chosen as per the requirement or number of flowers used. When number is less it is better to go for a facing arrangement allowing maximum display. But the size increases it is better to make it straight with the stems completely wrapped. Minimum price range in Dubai for a hand bouquet would be $41 to 49 and higher range is $75 to $100

Flower Bouquet of any Color or type

Color of the bouquet can be chosen based upon the occasion on which it is getting presented. Red rose bouquet representing love is the most common one for all the nationalities. Yellow, orange, white, pink, purple are used as single color to make bouquet with only roses or mixed flowers. Bridal bouquet or any other type can be specified as per the need to the florist to get exactly what is desired.

How do we make a Fresh Flowers Bouquet in Dubai?

Wrapping makes bouquet look complete in its beauty and elegance. A plastic sheet first and above that the color wrapping is the most common method followed by the florist. Plastic ensure that water poured inside the bouquet protects the flowers from sudden death. It keeps them alive for many days after being designed as gift. Care need to be taken to ensure that it does not spill during or after delivery to the recipients table. Making flower hand bouquet is an art and thus gained not only by experience but also a talent in person arranging the same.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.


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