6 Days Regular Flowers to Change Your Life

1st Day of 6 Regular Days
1st Day of 6 Days with Red Roses

6 Days Regular Flowers Without a Break 

Sending regular flowers like any other similar attempts can soften the ego. Surrender to the will of God is not easy. Mind plays a pivotal role in holding back from eternal joy. Therefore, we feel that mind is right and stands with it. But,  it often takes away the joy of everyday life for silly reasons. Small arguments and disputes may lead to several black days in life. Blaming each other takes it nowhere. There should be an end to the darkness and that happens only by giving a chance for light to enter. 6 days regular flowers can bring that light back to the life.

Address for delivery of 6 days regular flowers in Dubai may be that of an office or residence. Sunday is general holiday and many of the offices are off on Saturday too. We can conveniently shift the place of delivery as per the availability of recipient. One of our team members call the recipient and check on Saturday if she is available. Sender knows it better and thus we can do it in total surprise. Each day a different color combination of roses as a bouquet can be sent. Change the wrapping style, number of flowers and size to make it different each day.

Flowers Color Type and Style for 6 Days Regular Delivery

Day 1 – Monday starts with a 12 red roses hand bouquet with premium red wrapping and matching attractive ribbon bow.

Day 2- Tuesday greets her with 20 pink roses made in to a pretty basket arrangement.

Day 3 – Wednesday morning delivery of 24 red and white blooms in a vase would further help melting ice.

Day 4- Thursday is to thank her for all what she has done in life together with a bunch of oriental lilies.

Day 5– Friday is for white wishing all the purity and holiness back with the same brightness of initial days.

Day 6- Saturday is again a turning point and those mix color flower bouquet would represent the happiness that is going to come back. That reminds that each day is important in life and not a single one to be missed for small reasons of mind.

Call us and ask for any help in this matter and we are ready to start the 6 days regular flowers run.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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