Top 5 Methods to Utilize Roses for Wedding Decoration

Weddings are the celebration of love winning against all forces. To honor this sentiment, individuals go for ‘out of the world’ concepts and ideas to be executed on their D Day. Decorations are an important part of the ceremony, no matter how closed or royal it is. According to us, the best way to make your Day the perfect memory is by decorating with flowers. Be it an intimate wedding or a big fat one, flowers have the ultimate record of stealing the show. Its just with their charm, fragrance and existence. In our opinion, Roses are the top choice for decorating your overall wedding and trust us, we guarantee you a wedding filled with multiple joy, serenity and calmness. So don’t waste time pondering and go through our top 5 methods to utilize roses for wedding decoration.

Chandelier of Roses

Flower Chandeliers are the next hot trending item on our lists, and rose chandeliers are the top preferred. These elegant beauties can take your decorations to the next level. Rose garlands extending till the end of your decorations, rose blooms hanging above the tables, including candles along with your rose chandeliers, rose chandeliers as per the theme, and upside-down arrangements are some go-to patterns. You can create an arrangement or you can consult your wedding planners with your pieces of creativity and see your big day being a flowery memoir.

Table Centerpiece 

When it comes to flower decoration for weddings, table flower arrangements come as one of the preferred settings. It is also one of the easiest ways to use flowers for special occasions. Converting the tables into miniature rose bouquets is the most trending piece nowadays. Placing tall glass vases consisting of a variety of roses, ‘rose tree’, mini rose flower pots, and placing rose centerpieces flowing across the table are some arrangements you can go for.

Entrance Decoration

What is a wedding entrance decoration without the symbolic form of romance? They are the most deserving blooms to be included in the union ceremony with your better half. Etching to the ceiling is the most common and still trending style for entrance decor. There for, You can use multicolor roses to serve the purpose. A blessing to be born amidst a globe where roses exist in various colors like orange, yellow, pink, and so on. You can go for bi-variety-colored roses as well. Filling the entry arches with multicolor or theme-based roses is also a go-to option when we choose roses for wedding decoration.

Backdrop Arrangement

Make your vows in style amidst a rosy setup. Traditional clothing setup is widely replaced by rose backdrops in modern times. Mix rose walls & mounted on simple frames or hanging them in an upside manner from the frame is very unique. Arranging roses in unconventional patterns or shapes, and minimalistic decor are some trendy go-to’s. Consider some best flower care tips before settings to ensure that they are well hydrated and fresh for the big day.

Rose Canopy

Just like the entrance, rose canopies can also placed in the center of the hall where you take your vows. Roses for wedding decoration are the preferred option, seconded by lilacs. White roses arrangements add peace and serenity to your vows as you step into a life filled with eternal happiness with your better half. You can go for either a heavily decorated rose canopy or the simple and elegant one based on your taste.


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