Know the Best Flower Care Tips

Flowers are among the most beautiful gifts from nature. There is no better way to win a heart than presenting a colorful bunch of flowers in a bouquet. They have a great charm and can express your love or concern as the most ideal gift. Thus, impress your partner, delight your mother or surprise your friend with their preferred bunches of flowers. Red roses are ideal for expressing love, white flowers to convey your warmth and multiple flowers for informal occasions.

Preserve Your Beautiful Bouquets as Treasured Gifts…

You have received a beautiful bouquet! You are most eager to preserve it fresh as long possible…We have the bunch of right flower care tips and solution to keep fresh your favorite flower cluster.

Follow these simple flower care tips

The best way to keep your flowers supple and fresh is to immerse it in water. The same day as you receive your flowers, immerse the bunch in water. Keeping your flower in air-conditioned rooms can remove its moisture and thus preserve for many days.

Use fresh and pure water

Remember to ensure that the water you use is pure and has no chemicals in it. Toxic water can wither your flowers easily while fresh water can retain it supple.

Cut the stem of the flowers and immerse them in water

This is a great tip for all kinds of flowers, bouquets or other fresh flowers that you have cut from the garden. Cut the tip of the stems in slant and immerse them in water. The stems will absorb water and transmit it to the flowers, keep them hydrated.

Store your flowers in water and leave it to absorb sunlight

Exposing flowers to sunlight can retain its freshness but do not keep them to be scorched directly by sunlight.

Keep flowers away from smoke, toxic fumes

Direct exposure to smoke or toxic fumes can affect the longevity of the flowers and they will wither easily.

To keep your bunch fresh and pretty, remove withered flowers

Discard the withered flowers and keep your bunch fresh; you can add fresh and new flowers, may be your favourite ones and keep the bunch looking great.

Keep your flowers away from Ethylene gas

Ethylene gas can wilt your flowers; keep your bunch away from it.

Keep the vase clean

Keep the vase clean and change the water alternate days; this will retain the flowers fresh.

Use plant food

If you want to retain that beautiful bunch of Tulip, then order plant food from your florist and dissolve them in the water. Keep your flowers fresh for a span…

Sprinkle some fresh water on the flowers

Spray some fresh water on your flower bunch and keep them fresh, smelling fragrant.

Get a lot of them- pretty, fresh flowers…

Though the good flower care tips can keep your flowers fresh, do not waste too much time over it. Ring up your florist and order new flowers or bouquets as you wish. You can try new floral designs and get beautiful bunches delivered free to you as you wish. There are multiple patterns of flowers ideal for all occasions, be it birthdays, anniversaries, special occasions or for gifting your spouse.

Now, while you are informed on preserving your flowers with some good tips, go ahead and plan the most beautiful bunch… You are ready with tested flower care tips to preserve them over a week.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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