5 Tropical Flowers That Are Ideal for Any Occasion

Flowers have the unique capability of creating ripples within us just with their sight. Witnessing a blooming flower in real life or just the picture of a flower can create zillions of peace and contentment within one’s heart and soul. If they are tropical flowers, then the level of happiness is beyond extreme. Tropical flowers are that flower category that boasts a wow factor in them. They have the immense capacity to make someone fall flat with their bright color, and varied and unique appearance. Therefore, they are preferred as décor on several occasions.

This time we have come up with a list of tropical flowers capable of taking your special day to the next level. Before entering the main discussion, let us remind you that tropical flowers are super tolerant of heat and humidity, but they do not prefer cold. Hence, always ensure to not store them in coolers or refrigerators.


Anthurium is on the top list of tropical flowers that can delight you the most. Thus, they are the topmost eligible ones to be present in decorations. These heart-shaped flowers are stand-alone in sunny atmospheres, and they are available in red, white, pink, salmon, brown, and the list goes on. They require only a moderate water level and are one of the easiest available tropical flowers. Their shiny demeanor is a sure shot in the hearts of your guests, so don’t be hesitant to include them in the floral decor of your venue.


Heliconia, or hanging lobster claw, is one of the most commonly used tropical flowers for decorating venues. Their bright red color with green or yellow pecks and hanging like appearance, is the highlight. Their sole requirement is lots of humidity, and in return, they will make your location a floral beauty. Make sure to use them as a dominating flower in your arrangement due to their bright and distinctive red, and also be reminded about the heavy stems.


Symbolized versions of love and beauty, orchids are widely chosen as wedding anniversary gift other than roses. We suggest green orchids since they are believed to bring good fortune, health and wealth. Their elegance is a major attraction, and they prefer moderate heat and humidity. It also tops in brightening a wedding program. You can go for DIY arrangements or consult your wedding planners with ideas to make your venue an orchid dream.

Peace Lilies

The white and glossy green appearance is sure to strike a chord in minimalistic decor lovers and similar-minded guests. These blooms require low maintenance and less water level, making them easier to handle. They are most suitable flowers for home decoration, and their white appearance fully resonates with the term ‘peace spreading lilies’. Bring out the aesthetic version of your venture through these beauties.

Birds of Paradise

Birds of Paradise or crane flowers stand out with their unique shape. They are common in vase arrangements and contemporary décor. Again the stems are heavy. Thus, proper precautions must taken to support them during the decorations. With 10-14 days of vase life, a longer life is guaranteed with a varied color palette, including yellow, orange, black etc.


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