Number of the Roses in a Bouquet and their Meaning

Flowers offer you one of the most useful ways to effectively express your innermost emotions. They have been used to convey feelings of appreciation, gratitude, love, care, sorrow, and happiness for a very long time and across various cultures all over the world. The earliest known flower arrangement dates back to 2,500 BCE. With time flowers have only continued to progressively get more and more popular. Today flowers are synonymous with the word celebration itself and most parties or celebratory occasions are considered incomplete without floral decorations and flowers as gifts.

Flowers make up the perfect greeting present or gift because they’re also incredibly diverse. First off, there’s a whole range of different flowers for you to choose from. You can choose them based on the aesthetic or the emotions associated with the occasion, for instance, Valentine’s Day calls for flowers painted with the color of love i. e. flaming red and the sorrowful and glum atmosphere of a funeral requires understated flowers with white colors such as carnations, chrysanthemums, gladioli, or lilies. We all know how different types and colors of flowers mean different things. But did you know that the number of flowers that you put into an arrangement to gift someone also matters?

If you ask someone to list the most popular flowers, they’re more likely than not to mention Roses first. This is because roses are, in fact, the most popular and universally preferred type of flowers. Red roses in particular outshine all other types and kinds of flowers. It is because Red Roses are the most dominant and perspicuous symbols of Love. If you’ve ever been in love, you know the importance of Red Roses and how they help you convey your feelings. Today we’re here with a list to make you better understand the significance of the numbers of roses that are used in a flower bouquet and how you can arrange your floral arrangements to leave a better impression.

1 Rose:

You’ve probably heard the dialogue “would you like to go out with me?” mostly with a red rose in hand, in a dozen movies, but have you ever stopped to think what that single red rose means? Apparently, a single rose stands for “love at first sight”. Here the number of roses. 1 resonates with the “first” in the saying “love at first sight”.

2 Roses:

Whereas on one hand, 1 Rose signifies love at the first sight and from one side, the two of “two roses” means the mutual love and affection. Or love from both sides. Meaning if you ever receive 2 roses, you owe the person who has gifted them to you two roses as well.

3 Roses:

A one-month anniversary gift should typically comprise three roses standing for three elements of a relationship i. e. both the lovers and their shared love. It is a symbol of love and commitment.

9 Roses:

Nine roses together in a bundle are believed to evoke the feeling of eternity. Meaning when you gift someone a rose bouquet with nine roses in it you’re sending that person the message that you want to be with them “forever”.

11 Roses:

When you give someone a Bouquet with 11 roses you’re letting that person know that they’re precious to you.

15 Roses:

Choose 15 roses when you’re looking to apologize to someone. It is equal to saying sorry 15 times to surrender the ego and reestablish love.

24 Roses:

24 of “Twenty-Four Roses” represent the twenty-four hours of the day. Meaning, you’re basically telling the person that “you’re on my mind all the time”.

36 Roses:

36 is the number of choices if you want to make your loved one remember all the beautiful moments you’ve shared together. These many roses make a reasonably big bouquet or basket arrangement as a gift.

50 Roses:

It is best to go for 50 roses if the message you want to send is, “I love you unconditionally”. Undoubtedly a big size arrangement, it will seize the mind of the dearest person and hold in the present moment.

100 Roses:

100 roses take things to a spiritual level, where you display your devotion to your loved one. Here the bouquet or basket looks huge and admirable. Image of it will stay in mind forever reflecting upon the good times together.



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