Why Red Roses are always the Top Choice?

Red color represents love and deep desire. These emotions are believed to be originating from the heart and goes by blood through the nerves all over the body. So, blood is the carrier of these beautiful emotions that give meaning to life. Same way, red roses passes the message of love and deep desire without even using any word.

Express Love with Red Roses

A red rose in the language of flowers has always been an expression of romantic love. It is more safe to say a classic red roses are symbol to express love to that special someone. In fact, red roses have been symbolized as an expression of passion in many cultures throughout the years.  The red rose; associated with the Greek goddess of love Aphrodite holds a myth that when Adonis, her lover was wounded; Aphrodite stomped on the thrones of a white rose while on the run to help him. The blood-stained the white rose red making it a symbol of romantic devotion and love. Even Cleopatra, a woman of surpassing beauty is believed to have seduced Mark Antony in a room covered with red rose petals. The red rose is the strongest choice among lovers as it sends the message of true love and romantic feeling.

Roses for Valentine

Romance is a deep feeling, which words cannot describe perfectly. A rose for your loved one as a Valentine’s Day gifts is a tradition that dates back to the 17th century. However, not all roses are the same. The feeling of affection a red rose gives along with a special message and gift box of chocolates will always win you points. The beauty it carries makes a typical bouquet incomplete, as it stands out among other flowers. The delightful fragrance and the beautiful sight it carries instantly change the state of mind of anyone. After all, nothing feels better than giving roses and seeing a wide smile on your loved ones face- a moment and a feeling that you will always remember for life.

Best Gift on any Occasion

Red roses are the most preferred and ideal flowers to send the special someone, and show how much you care. When it comes to gifting, these magnificent flowers are something that never gets old. Over the years, the refinement on the language of love has made it associate with many occasions. Love and passion is not the only reason to send roses. They can be a wonderful gift idea for romantic occasions, on Weddings, Birthdays, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary celebration, and even for expressing Sympathy.

It is most often the type and number of roses that determine the corresponding occasion. There is nothing sexier, yet classy and elegant than a gorgeous bouquet of roses to cherish on the unconditional love between two people. Combine it with ferns, leaves and different other flowers to be made into a bouquet. A bouquet full of classic red roses are the best for a date as it sets the perfect setting when you are truly head over heels in love with somebody. Order his or her favorite roses online anytime with no extra charges and get it delivered to that special someone at the right time. There is virtually no limit for using red roses as it implicates desire, passion, and love.


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