5 Types of Flowers that Symbolize Love

Fresh Flowers as Symbol of Love

Flowers have long been the perfect symbol of love in any relationship. Be it to your friend or family, gifting an aesthetically pleasing flower is always a romantic gesture. Flowers are a great option for those in need of an instant pick-me-up and for those who are little down and for those who need to let out their emotions. The scented fragrance, the lasting beauty makes flowers an ideal gift to give and exchange emotions. Women even in the Ottoman Empire to convey messages used flowers. In fact, this has helped them convey their emotions that they could not say aloud. The rise of flower symbolism thus makes sense. If you’re looking for romantic flowers, here some of the most popular (and rare) flowers that symbolize love.


Tulips are one of the easily recognized and loved flowers. Originated from Central Asia to Mediterranean littoral, tulips spread throughout the world with its lovely looks and representation of the perfect love. Like roses, tulips also carry their significance. While the Red tulips true love, yellow tulips represent cheerful thoughts and purple tulips symbolize royalty. According to the Greek myths, the god of autumn, Weiltsum falls in love with a pretty girl named Tulip. She does not accept him though he kept approaching her. With tulip growing tired of him approaching her, she asks the god of virginity to change her into a flower. The flower tulips come from this story.


Roses are the epitome of true love. They are the most popular flowers in the world and are the most romantic flowers of all. With their delicate petals and seductive scent, red roses symbolize complete love and form the perfect setting to say those three magical words to your special someone. Many notable writers like Shakespeare has in turn, used this flower’s romantic significance to associate with love. There are several colors of roses in Dubai and other places, coming from farms of Kenya, Holland etc.


Better known as the flowers of God, Carnations express fascination, love, and distinction. This is one of the oldest flowers in existence that dates back to the roman and Greek. As a religious connotation, carnations are believed to have arrived on earth during the time of Jesus when mother Mary wept when he carried his cross. It comes in as no surprise as Carnations are rich with debate and mythology. While the flower is a representation of pure love and good luck, carnation of light red boasts a feeling of foremost admiration.


A flower loved throughout the world, Peonies represents a happy relationship and honor. Considered as one of the oldest flower cultivated, peonies resemble the energy of rose with its sensuality, softness, and sense of freedom. These are an elegant beauty and are as precious as they look. There is something incredibly sensual about this flower as symbol of love. The purity and its delicious scent encourage pure innocent sensuality. Its healing energy is deeper than the beauty of the flower itself and is also a Chinese medicine for asthma.


This beautiful flower is a great gift to your loved ones! Chrysanthemum symbolizes long life, happiness, and joy. Believed to have originated from China, this opulent flower comes in many shapes and is considered the most eye-catching flower after Rose. To express love, opt for a red or white version in a bouquet of flowers as symbol of love. Red chrysanthemum denotes true and eternal love whereas the white bloom symbolizes loyalty and devotion.

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