Guide to Make the Perfect Gift Basket for a Special Day

A gift hamper or basket is a container full of gifts that you can give to anyone on any occasion. Gift Baskets are a great way to make your gifts personalized and budget-friendly. With Gift Baskets, you get the option to create it as you like, as per your budget. It can be expensive if you are giving it to a superior at work or generic and cheap if it is just for an acquaintance. Additionally, gift baskets generally look more visually appealing than single gift items because with them you get many diverse options for decoration.

All things considered; a gift basket is sure to make the special day of your special someone even more special. Be it a birthday party, anniversary party, valentines, or a congratulations present, a gift basket perfectly fits every occasion and can be customized to enhance the appeal. For example, you can add a sensual perfume bottle to your Valentine’s Day gift basket filled with exotic chocolates and flowers.

Although making a gift basket is not a very difficult task, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make your gift basket even better:

Decide a Suitable Theme for Your Gift Basket

One of the biggest benefits of making a Gift Basket of your own is that you get to be the creator and the designer. You can give a gift basket on any occasion, that’s true, but every different occasion calls for a different theme, which means you have to tailor the gift basket as per the aesthetic demands of the occasion. Use bright and luscious colors like red and pink if there’s romance involved.

Select and Buy the Gift Items

A gift basket, by definition, is a collection of different gift items. You can give a gift basket to a single person who’s a little extra special to you and for whom you think a single gift wouldn’t be enough. Or you can also present a gift basket to an entire family, filled with gifts for everyone. Now what kind of gifts you buy would depend first on the occasion or the reason and second on the likings and preferences of the recipient. For instance, when preparing the gift baskets for kids you can fill them with toys and chocolates. To buy the said gifts you have many options available. The easiest and most convenient way would be to buy your gifts online, where you usually get diverse and affordable choices.

Select an Attractive and Suitable Basket or Container

Although you can always get a custom-made container specifically designed for the purpose of gift baskets on the internet, if you want to go full-on DIY-mode you can also make one for yourself. There are many ways you can design your own container. For instance, take a basket that fits the description and cover it with decorative papers or paint and you’re good to go.

Avoid Items That Can Get Spoilt on Delivery or Take Best Care

More often than not, a gift basket contains edible items like chocolates and sweet beverages that can get spoiled if the delivery takes longer. Plan your gift accordingly and if the delivery is expected to take too long then make sure not to add items that can get spoiled. Similarly, while arranging flowers in basket, one should make sure to prevent excess water from flowing out.

Ensure Proper Wrapping & Presentation

Wrapping and presentation is without a doubt the most fun part of creating gift baskets. Here you can enliven the artist within you and make your gift basket so attractive that it will stand out even in a huge pile of other gifts. You can use Snow net fabric, ribbons, and stickers to make your gift basket a treat for the eyes as well. There are special papers or tissues available for professionally wrapping the flower bouquets. Similarly, it is better to arrange fruits, chocolates etc. with proper presentation.

Add a Greeting Card to the Gift

You certainly wouldn’t want your gift that you spent so much time preparing, to get lost in the heap of other gifts. With a greeting card on the gift, you can make sure that the recipient would know you are the sender. You can also add a sweet and personal message on the greeting card and that makes the gift complete.


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