Flower Stand Arrangements in Dubai

3 feet flower stand Tall flower stand arrangements attract everyone in any event. In an opening ceremony or wedding celebration, 5 feet flower arrangement is certainly appealing. It may either be a gift from someone or part of decorations to create a better impression. Two flower stand arrangements on the sides is common for ribbon cutting.

Send Big Flower Arrangement as Gift

“Big is impressive” is a common notion and thus flower arrangements on stands are much in demand. But, the size of the arrangement depends mainly upon the budget as well as the requirement. Big flower stands also require large number of flowers and foliage to make it attractive. Metal or wooden stands are the best to arrange flowers beautifully. Height of the stands can vary from 3 feet to 6 feet as per the occasion and venue. Similarly, stand arrangements with multiple levels are also popular.

  • 5 Feet Flower Stand – Red & White

5 feet flower stand This stand arrangement is good for wedding, opening ceremony and other functions. Noticeable size, impressive presentation and catching colors makes it stand distinct. It has a lower level basket consisting of flowers in red and white. Upper level of the metal stand which is the main attraction is arranged with white lilies, red roses and orchid flowers.

  • Bamboo Stand Flower Arrangement

It is a rare collection of big baskets and stand arrangement with all white flowers like lilies, roses, orchids and chrysanthemum. Suitable foliage in green color adds to the beauty of white flowers. This again has 2 levels; the broad base level and upper level above the bamboo.

  • Metal Flower Stand – White and Purple

In weddings and other celebrations another good color combination is of white and purple flowers. A four feet metal stand arranged in white and purple is able to bring positive energy to the venue.

  • 2 Level Orchid Flowers Stand Arrangement

60 purple orchid flower stand In this special stand arrangement only purple orchids steal the show. Stand arrangement of about 60 purple orchids in 2 levels is highly impressive without much foliage. On a wedding or anniversary this would be an ideal gift to present an innovative stylish flower arrangement.

  • 3 Level, 4 Feet Flowers Stand

Multi-level flower arrangement that stands tall with reasonable high number of flowers is a treat to the eyes. Mix flowers like roses, orchids, lilies and chrysanthemum is different colors can be used to make this big flower arrangement

  • 3 Feet, 2 Level Flower Basket Stand

Reasonable size of 3 feet flower arrangement in 2 levels is achieved by the florists in Dubai with their vast experience. This multi-color flower stand uses less number of flowers for the budget conscious customers looking for big size.


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