Flowers and Ferns for Your Dream Wedding

Flowers and Ferns for Decoration as Well as Gift

Flowers and ferns are always the unique and beautiful way to decorate your wedding venue. They are the most alluring creations of nature and excellent medium to express ones emotions through gifts. Fragrances of flowers give special effect to both hosts and guests. Therefore, most of the people design their wedding according to themes in which colors of flowers are paired depending on the dresses of bride and groom.  Various flowers have different symbolic meaning and go for the best suitable for any wedding ceremony.

  • Anemones that bloom in either single or double blossoms meaning expectation and best for Bouquets and arrangements.
  • Baby’s breath found all the year round mean innocence and are best for filler in bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.
  • Calla lilies that are found in spring and summer meaning magnificent beauty and are best for bouquets and arrangements.
  • Carnations that are found all the year round have different colors with different meanings like pink represents boldness, red symbolizes love, and white indicates talent. These are best for bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements.
  • Daffodil found in spring season means regard and can be used for garden settings and pots.
  • Daisy shares the feelings and so looks good in bouquets and can be easily found all the year.
  • Delphinium are summer flowers best for arrangements showcasing swiftness and lightness
  • Iris are yet another spring flowers for arrangements showing wisdom
  • Lilacs are love’s first emotions that are used as filler in arrangements or as part of bouquets, depending on its variety.
  • Orchid showcases love and beauty which are best for Bouquets, corsages, and boutonnieres.

Flowers and ferns decoration plays a crucial role in intensifying the mood and atmosphere of the venue. Thus, it requires a lot of planning to come up with the perfect wedding floral arrangement that will reflects the traditional styles and customs of each country. From stage to main gate to bridal bouquet etc. flowers are the best way of showcasing beauty and love. Flower decor can even be done to the wedding car, for wedding night or even can be given along with wedding invitation cards. There are various ways or ideas for flower decoration to your venue that presents your unique style and passion thereby creating memorable moments for life.

Flowers are also perfect wedding gift in Dubai or anywhere in the world. Bouquets or flower baskets can convey the best wishes for the bride groom. Thus, many of the guests carry bouquets or take the help of an online florist to deliver at venue. There is nothing better than flowers to share the joy of togetherness.

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