3 Type of Flower Arrangements

3 Types of Flower Arrangements for Delivery in Dubai

To select the most suitable flowers by its color and size and to arrange the same in a particular style and size is an art. A combination of different types or multiple stems of same type in a suitable style, give it the most attractive look. Flower arrangements are best gifts and they need to be delivered to the recipient’s residence or office. Therefore special care need to be taken while arranging them, so that it can safely reach the recipient without causing any damage.

Following are 3 broad types of arrangements for delivery to someone, even to a faraway location keeping the flowers in good shape and in its originality.

1) Basket Arrangement

Willow baskets of various sizes and shapes are available in market. Florist can select a suitable basket as per the size of the arrangement. Floral foams are available in market to arrange flowers in basket. Small, medium and large flower arrangements are possible using willow baskets. Cover the inside of willow basket with plastic, to keep water from leaking out and then fit floral foam inside the basket.

2) Glass Vase Arrangement.

Advantage of glass vase arrangement is that the stems of flowers will be inside water, and therefore it can live for many days. Select the glass vase carefully and wisely as per the size and style of the arrangement. Different types and colors of glass vases are available in market. Short glass vase arrangements are possible using floral foams inside.

3) Hand Bouquets

Flowers are properly wrapped with attractive papers to make a better presentation. Small arrangements and less less number of flowers appear better as hand bouquets. These ensure convenience while delivering. But care should be taken to preserve them alive if the delivery is after several hours of preparing. Hand bouquets are either flat arrangements exhibiting the flowers in front facing style or straight. Transparent plastic sheets are also used in wrapping to give a simple look adding just a ribbon on it.

There are several alternatives to basket arrangement like jars, plastic containers, wooden containers arrangements etc. Similarly there are alternatives for glass vases. Visit us from anywhere in the world to send flowers Dubai online or call 00971504236374



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