Send Flowers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai

Send flowers from Abu Dhabi
From Abu Dhabi with Love

Do You Wish to Send Flowers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai on Same Day?

To carry a bunch of flowers while going to visit someone in Dubai may be difficult. Distance between these 2 emirates is more than 150 KM and it takes about 2 hours to reach. When the flower shop in Dubai can deliver the type of arrangement to the door step at a reasonable price why do we take the trouble of taking it ourselves? When it is difficult to go and personally give it we should not drop the idea of presenting flowers but find an alternate way.

Local Supplier Helps to Take Away the Distance Hurdle.

 A huge pool of highly skilled human resources from across the globe works in Abu Dhabi and Dubai. These folks lead a comfortable lifestyle that is fast pace with little time to get close to their near and dear ones. Offering a bunch of colorful, fresh flowers is the sweetest antidote for dissipating any kind of negative feelings. You can also send the flowers to your family members and friends, just to express that you really care! However, what seems rather easy to all of us can be very challenging for others. It applies to finding a reliable local shop or vendor who can send flowers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai. One easy way to overcome this hurdle is to choose a florist nearest to the delivery address. Finding the right kind of online florist leads to arranging flowers within hours of order, and also delivery at comparatively lower rates.

Fastest Inter Emirates Delivery System by D.F.D

 Things, documents and gift boxes are usually sent through courier by road. Companies may use their own vehicles to transport such things. But when it comes to sending flowers normal delivery method does not help. Considering the long distance of more than 150 KM and 2 hours of average travel time, most flowers may lose their freshness on the way. If you want to deliver your product at any address in Dubai, you should rather choose a local florist itself. Depending upon the location, the flowers will be delivered with a minimum of two to three hours. D.F.D has more than 10 years experience in inter emirate delivery of flowers. It has own team to handle the service to all the U.A.E locations efficiently.

Why is using local florist in Dubai better than taking it from Abu Dhabi?

  • Fresh flowers need to be handled by people experienced in it and with proper chiller facility in van.
  • Cost of transporting from Abu Dhabi to Dubai would be higher than that of flower arrangement itself and thus the total cost.
  • Flowers cost more at Abu Dhabi as most of the wholesale suppliers are in Dubai.
  • Local delivery guys would know the building, or given address better than those who come from Abu Dhabi.
  • To handle a fresh flower arrangement especially a big one is difficult. Even in own car it may lose its alignment, shape and beauty.

SUMMARY: Flowers are an amazing medium to convey your feelings. Now, you too can send fresh flowers from Abu Dhabi to Dubai in shortest possible time of 2 to 4 hours to convey your feelings in a flowery way. Just log on to and order the choosiest of flowers at the comfort of your home or office.



Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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