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online florist in Dubai with physical store and own delivery system
Online Florist Dubai

Blame it on contemporary lifestyles and increasing distances, online shopping has become a part of our daily lives. With e-commerce bursting at the seams, every niche with a saleable product or service is vying for a bite of the online shopping pie. This includes the niche of online florists in Dubai and other cosmopolitan centers across the world. Here in this case, people feel more comfortable with choosing a hand bouquet or vase with flowers of their choice. They may get an assurance of timely delivery and hassle-free online payments. However, this might lead to the misconception that all online stores are at par in terms of service. This is not the case! In this discussion, we will explore on online florist in Dubai with a physical store or outlet is emerging as the preferred choice of both local as well as international customers.

The Basics: Easy to Locate Florist Website

Unless an online retailer is ready to invest in an expansive promotional drive, it is difficult to get immediate attention on the web. When searching for an online florist in Dubai, a search engine is likely to throw up many possible contenders where the e-shops with more online traffic are likely to hog the limelight. In cyberspace, browser traffic is often dictated by the kind of domain used by the seller. For an online florist, the domain name should reflect the basics—the type of business and location. This has many other benefits. Customers can recall the website easily. It also affects chances of the e-store being featured on first page of search results. This also raises chances of recommending, sharing, and proposing a service that is useful to people all over the world.

Well Established Online Florist in Dubai with a Physical Store

If you search for an online florist in Dubai with a physical shop, the results might not satisfy you. Many of the florists that are genuine with a physical store may not be there in result! Very few florists have the credentials to engage online and physical footfalls. Setting up an online store is rather easy these days. For a modest amount, you get professional services for uploading the inventory, displaying prices, indexing the goods, and tying up with authorized payment gateways. This creates a problem—how do you choose a better florist among similarly themed online stores? The answer lies in the details. When visiting online flower stores, read about the credentials of the shop. If the owner happens to have a physical store too selling flowers, customer is likely to get genuinely good product and services. A physical store means hands-on experience in handling flowers and arranging themselves.

Benchmarks for Good Customer Service

From online shoe stores to those selling designer apparel, there is one bitter reality—merely being popular does not matter. Consumers demand good customer service. There need to have lot of pampering, engaging activities and communications to earn their loyalty. The picture is clear for online florists in Dubai too, i.e. either impress with outstanding customer services or perish. Dubai, being a global metropolitan with higher than average income levels, presents a very demanding e-market landscape. Customers are unforgiving and very demanding. They want customization options too where they can add or reduce the number of flowers in a specific arrangement. In addition, many might also demand small freebies for being repeat buyers. Best way to retain customers and thus get repeat orders is to provide quality products and quality service.

Showcase Unique Qualities to Become More Popular

Being an online florist in Dubai with physical shop does not guarantee success—you need to win the customer’s confidence too! Despite doing your best, you might struggle to get serious sales because the web-hosted marketplace is overcrowded. Each online store is trying its best to outdo the competition. You may need to add something special to your arsenal of services. This can include:

  • Customer support helpline
  • Immediate reporting on non-availability of seasonal flowers
  • Comprehensive confirmation of the delivery address
  • Easy availability of add-ons like chocolates or teddy bears
  • Precise execution of the order
  • Delivering in the promised mode, like “hand-delivered flowers”
  • Wide range of floral arrangements—from bouquets to themed planters & centerpieces

Customer Trust and Recommendation

Finding a reliable service provider in the neighborhood might be easy. But, online the stakes are higher and it can get very confusing to choose a reliable online florist. Therefore, it is always better to talk about it with friends, family, and colleagues apart from other shoppers to identify an online florist in Dubai with a physical shop. Gathering such information is easy via chat rooms, forums, and social media conversations. Seek information about florists with easy-to-browse websites, options to customize the flower basket, wide array of floral arrangements, and an appetite for out-of-the-box ideas. One such resource that combines credibility with floral artistry and reasonable pricing is 0097143420250.




Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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