How Do You Recognize the Best Florist?

There are several walk-in florists on the streets of Dubai as well as online. When many of them are real experts with number of years in same field, for some other it is just a new business. Is there a real passion in people who operate, manage and work? Find out the best florist for your regular use checking below qualities or specialties.

Quality is Most Important

Anyone who gives flowers will surely desire for the best quality. Fresh flowers and beautiful arrangement is minimum expectation for any customer walking in to a shop. One who uses an online platform will have no choice other than trusting the shop. Style of making an arrangement and providing water to the cut stems, make a lot of difference in extending freshness for many days. Sourcing flowers from places like Kenya and Holland also ensure best quality. Moreover, protecting flowers by keeping them in refrigerated room is very important. The flower shop, online or retail providing best quality products will only stay in service for several years. So look for the one with more than 10 years of experience!

Attitude and Customer Service

Are they just profit oriented? What do they really need? Make money or provide the best service they could? Any business should know that customer is the most important person and thus provide the best possible service. Attitude of each employee, especially the one who faces the customer in shop or office really matters. A customer ordering flowers online may require assistance, especially the first time customer. They need to check and understand that flowers are fresh and the delivery team is reliable. Therefore, just see the attitude of the customer service representative and decide if it needs to be your regular florist in Dubai.

On Time Delivery

Do they keep promise and execute delivery within specified time range? It is very important to be on time, especially on special occasions like birthday, wedding etc. Informing the sender after completing the delivery is an important indicator of good florist service. When the recipient select a particular time range within a day, it is important for the shop to do it accordingly.

Willingness to Adapt

Is the flower shop representative willing to make modifications in bouquet or arrangement as per request? Are they willing to change color of flowers or style of wrapping? If there is a special instruction from customer to hide the flowers with an extra wrap, they should do. There may be special instructions or requests from the side of sender at the time of ordering. A flower shop representative should keep make note of these requests and follow them.

One Who Go the Extra Way to Care

Flower shop that really care shows it through their representative or delivery man spraying water on flowers before delivery. If in case the recipient is not available when the delivery reaches, he may wait or come back later. When there is no address available and only a phone number, florist would call and get the address.

They Value Your Money and Time

A florist that understand and respect the value of your money and time will surely provide the right service. By doing this actually he is helping the company to grow and yield better result. They understand that a customer approaches as online flower shop when he wants to save time and avoid troubles. Customer should feel comfort and easiness throughout the process of order, payment and execution. There should not be any need to make several calls and follow up to know the status of order.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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