Role of Flowers in Health and Relationship

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Health is about self, both body and mind. In relationship there are more human beings involved. It is our first and foremost need to look after ourselves and our well being. At the same time caring about the health of those related or well known to us is one of the factors that build and nurture relationships. Almost all physical illnesses can be cured with medical assistance and faith. Incorrect perception about self and others, swollen ego, fear and desire lead to bad health of mind which in turn affects the body as well. Role of flowers in health and relationship is important as a booster. It is being accepted all over the world where expensive things keep on changing as per time. Flowers are never out of fashion as the years pass.

Body is the temple where the soul reside and thus a sacred place. Its abuse should never be allowed and bring in self care on daily basis. Hard work or physical labor does not make any one less healthy. But the negative elements of mind play a big role in spoiling our health. Food, material and fame temptations if not controlled effectively may lead us in to bad health of body and mind. It may also spoil the relationships with others. When someone known to us or related to us is sick or met with an accidental injury a bunch of flowers sent to him would certainly help. It relieves from the pain of body by connecting to an immaterial and unselfish world. Looking at those flowers gifted, a person surrenders himself to “what is” at present. Message of health and relationship is well communicated by sending this God’s own gift. A glimpse of flower arrangement may give a chance to that precious moment of enlightenment.

Dubai has world class health consciousness and facilities to maintain it. By recognizing ourselves and by passing on the message of good health to others we further help these initiatives. Natural healing takes place when helped in that process. Added advantage is the nourished relationship built up between the one who is cared and those who spent time and efforts to help him. Service provider, a flower shop also get involved in this chain of relationships by arranging the required gift, playing their role dutiful.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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