Flowers for Peace and Prosperity

Wishing Peace and Prosperity
Wishing Peace and Prosperity

Use Flowers for Peace and Love

It is the repetitive useless and negative thoughts that bring hardships to human beings. Prayers and worships can bring some relief by keeping mind in tranquility for some time. We can also see the flowers in most of the worships and holy occasions. As a pure form of creation they are believed to be the favorite of deities. Flowers exhibit peace and prosperity in their very nature of surrender to the human beings. They show the most beautiful experience of life that is short. Thus, they do not get influenced as per their life situation. Instead, they just give away themselves and show that peace originates from the surrender to the will of universal truth. Therefore, use fresh flowers for peace and thus prosperity in life.

Mind makes noise and thus disturbs the peace within. Flowers do not have a mind; they have only their soul and body. Something pure as a symbol of sacrifice motivates human being to reflect on their souls. Therefore, they are essential of holy occasions, gifts, celebrations and decorations. They enjoy this self sacrifice and smile with complete understanding of their purpose of life. Flowers for peace live in that moments and die peacefully after fulfillment of purpose. Mostly, white flowers are the best to represent peace in gift as well as celebrations. Thus there is no surprise if we find them in wedding as well as funeral, silently saying “peace be with you”.

Send Flowers and Establish Prosperity

During their life on earth flowers leave an opportunity for human beings to learn peace from them by exhibiting the true quality. Plant, the parent gets enlightened and gives birth to beautiful flowers. Parents do not have the fear of losing the child and flowers do not have an anxiety about their own life. They know very well that even if not used for worship or gift their life would end in short time. So they prefer to work for the happiness or peace of human beings. They accept the situations of life as it is. They remind human beings that mind is just an instrument for memories, thoughts, information and feelings and the contents of it are not the life itself. How better the flowers for peace educate human beings than giving away the life for a purpose? So, use every opportunity to send flowers and ensure peace through love.


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