Difference Between Spray Roses and Regular Roses

The world of flowers is filled with diversity. This assortment manifests itself even within each species of flowers. When it comes to roses, perhaps the most popular bloom, the case is not any different. Roses come in a wide range of shapes, sizes, colors, and varieties. Single roses, spray roses and shrubs are a few of the most popular rose variations. The individual differences may be subtle, but in conjunction, they make these varieties notably diverse from one another. In this article, we will delve deeper into the different characteristics of spray roses and how they differ from the traditional variety.

Difference in Size of the Blooms

Spray roses are generally smaller in size compared to other types of roses. Unlike regular roses, the spray varieties come with much tinier flower masses and stems that lack length. Traditional roses may grow up to 120 cm in length but spray roses attain a maximum growth of 60 cm. All sorts of roses have a main stem which is also called a peduncle. This peduncle later becomes the flower bud.

Regular bush roses only produce a single peduncle where as the spray variety yields more than one. Simple spray roses may have a petal range of four to eight. In the case of double flowers, it can go up to 45 petals. Together they remind you of a small bouquet composed of slender shoots that are connected to a heavier main stem.

Difference in the Flower Structure

The spray variety of roses are typically not as popular in the production of fresh flower bouquets due to their miniature dimension. Their petals are thicker and more durable which renders them as the best candidates for floral arrangements like bouquets. As they have smaller petals and shorter stems, spray roses cannot be properly adjusted for such arrangement. On the other hand, they are ideal for table top centerpieces and other smaller floral arrangements. Their compact size makes them suitable for closely packed floral decorations. Sometimes spray roses are combined with the regular varieties to get a thick and enchanting visual appeal.

Meaning and Uses are Different

Classical roses are a universally accepted symbol of romantic love. This makes them immensely popular on special events like the Valentine’s Day. Spray roses are all purpose flowers and regular rose flowers have long sturdy stems and larger flowers. However, some varieties like Floribunda roses can be grown as sprays and they produce plush plentiful flowers.

The flower shops sell spray roses as miniatures or sometimes as potted flowers. An assortment of spray roses can be used to create vibrant floral patterns. Choosing correctly between the two varieties for the appropriate occasion requires a bit of practice. If you are unsure, try to recognize the best florist and ask them for help.

Prices of these Roses are Different

Despite their smaller sizes, spray roses are a bit costly than their regular counterparts. This is because they are cultivated on a large scale through hybrid techniques. This cost of production makes them more expensive. They also have a better vase life. The production of classical rose flowers is not as viable since they are not as prolific as the former variety. They are sensitive to sudden changes in weather and temperature and require extra care to keep them intact.


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