Why Do Flower Shops Charge More for the Roses on Valentine’s Day?

One of the common mistakes most lovers make is underestimating the budget for flowers on Valentine’s Day. If the increased charges for rose flowers on lover’s day are news to you, this is your wake up call to plan ahead. On the other hand, you might already know about it and have been wondering why the bill for blooms spike up during this season. Here, we give you a few reasons why the rate of roses goes up on this special day.

High Demand for Red Roses on Valentine’s Day

One of the key reasons for the increase in prices is the basic principle of demand and supply. During Valentine’s Day, more people buy flowers and in particular, roses. As the universal symbol for love, red roses are the top choice and the most gifted flower species on this unique day. Everyone with a sweetheart takes this opportunity to reinforce their romantic bonds. Also many new lovers wait until this day to confess their incipient love. This surge in demand naturally translates as a hike in price.

Growers & Suppliers Increase Prices from 5th February

The flower growers and suppliers prepare for the increased demand weeks ahead of February 14. The farmers have to allocate more area of land and more workers to plant and nurture rose plants. In many rose growing countries, the season of February is not ideal for blooming roses. They use special methods of production to generate buds on a large scale. These modern techniques can be expensive and result in the increased prices of flowers.

Additional Florists & Help Required due to Huge Number of Orders

On Valentine’s Day, more flowers need to be delivered on the same day and within a short window of time. This will, as you would expect, add more workload in terms of shipping, packaging, and delivering bouquets to customers. Roses have to be grown, cared for, and cut in larger numbers. Even after cutting, it takes a great overhaul in the form of watering, refrigerating, and other methods to keep the flowers intact. These extra works reflect as increased prices and levied from the end buyer.

Extra Hours of Work

On Valentine’s Day, people want their flowers to be arranged and decorated elegantly for obvious reasons. This is because these bouquets are meant for the most special person in their life. This meticulous work of craftsmanship requires hours of dedicated work to be accomplished. Bulk flowers have to be stored in special facilities under the right temperature and moisture. All these setups incur expenses than the regular. All the additional activities to grow and deliver rose flowers requires more time and labor.

Additional Delivery Arrangement is Required

Another factor that weighs in the escalation of the cost of rose flowers is the raise in delivery services during valentines day period. Most flower sellers will have to hire additional personnel to have all rose purchase orders delivered in time. It is common to import rose flowers in bulk from other countries with a larger production. It will become impossible to deliver all the floral arrangements on time if the sellers are not equipped with ample preparations. These added logistics work gets charged from you when you order a flower for Valentine’s Day.


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