How to Arrange Roses in a Box and Make it an Attractive Gift

From decoration, religious ceremonies, to parties, birthdays, and anniversaries, the presence of flowers is ubiquitous in our lives today. Flowers are one of the most affordable yet beautiful gifting options you can find out there. No wonder they are so popular. To apologize to someone or to wish them good luck, there’s a flower for every occasion. To add to it, there are close to no limitations when you are considering gifting someone flowers. Not only do flowers match every budget, but also every taste. You can find a flower in any color of your choice. Flowers are the versatile gifting options that are diverse in more ways than one. Each kind of flower is not only unique in its appearance but also its meaning. For instance, Red Roses represents passionate love, whereas White Lilies symbolize modesty.
Flowers can be gifted to any person regardless of their age or gender. Additionally, flowers are also considered appropriate for most kinds of occasions. Be it a birthday, wedding, anniversary party, baby shower, or even a funeral. (Although it is true that every occasion calls for different kinds of flowers) There may be people who may struggle to recognize chrysanthemums or carnations at first, but every person on the planet can immediately recognize roses, such is their enduring and widespread popularity.
It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that roses are the most popular flowers in the world. Although roses with different colors mean different things, they are generally considered to convey feelings such as love, happiness, perfection, and affection. Roses leave a tremendous impact and have been a preferred gifting option for hundreds of years. Roses remain as an influential and loved gifting option even today. Even though you can give a single rose or a rose bouquet, a handmade rose box is also a good option. Creating a rose box at home is affordable, easy, convenient, and makes your gift look more special, personal, and heartfelt. Keep reading to learn how to properly arrange roses in a box to make it an attractive gift.

1) Choose Color Scheme for Roses

As mentioned earlier, roses with different colors mean different things. You can also consider number of roses meaning to make it more thoughtful. If you need to arrange roses in a box for decorative purposes, to use it as a centerpiece you’d want your rose box to match the surrounding aesthetics. And if you’re preparing the rose box as a present it’s important that it matches the sentiments of the occasion in question. For example, for a birthday or a similar celebration party you should use roses with colors such as red, yellow, and pink.

2) Choose Appropriate Shape and Size for Box

The biggest benefit of a homemade rose box is how many options you get to personalize it. Not only do you get to choose the color scheme, but also the shape and size for the box. You can either use an old decorative box to reused as the container or create a new one to arrange roses in a box from scratch with cardboard. Whatever you do, you should ensure the quality and sturdiness of the box. As for the shape, you can either choose a square, circle, triangle, or even a heart based on your requirements.

3) Use Floral Sponge inside the Box

Floral Sponges are important as they provide your roses with much-needed stability and food. (Water, since the sponges are supposed to be soaked in water) Before you put the sponge in the box, make sure to first put a coat of a sheet of cellophane to protect the box from any potential damage from water. You should first soak the sponge in water for about a minute then take measurements and then trim it with a butter knife accordingly.

4) Trim the Rose Leaves and Stems According to the Style, Add Additional Fillers, and Highlight your Box with Ribbon Bows

Removing the leaves helps you get rid of the unwanted greenery and makes it easier for you to fix your roses into the floral sponge. It’s important that you use scissors for this purpose so that you don’t damage the flowers. The next step is to cut the stems to give the roses an appropriate length for the box. It’s necessary that you cut the stems at a 45-degree angle because it allows flowers to soak water better. At last, you can add ribbons, bows, or a letter, whatever you wish to give your rose box a final touch.


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