5 Diwali Gift Ideas to Convey Your Greetings for Family Members

Diwali, often referred to as the festival of lights, is one of the major Hindu festivals (also celebrated by Sikhs and Jains). It commemorates and celebrates the triumph of good over evil. The occasion is for the worshipping and honoring of Lord Ganesha and Lord Lakshmi. The former being a symbol of new prosperous beginnings and the latter considered the goddess of wealth. There is a belief that the diyas and candles that are lit on the occasion of Diwali help the goddess Lakshmi see her way into people’s homes. In Northern parts of India, Diwali is a celebration in the joy of gods Rama and Sita’s return to Ayodhya after the defeat of king Ravana. However, in Bengal people celebrate Diwali to commemorate Goddess Kali who is the destroyer of evil. In Nepal and Southern India, it’s celebrated to honor Lord Krishna’s triumph over the evil entity Narakaasura.

Diwali is a celebration over the course of five days. Day One, also called Dhanteras, is the day when people clean their homes and buy gold, utensils, or new things to honor the God of wealth Kuber. Second day, is referred to as Chhoti Diwali and involves people. Decorating their homes with lights and creating design patterns on their floors also called rangoli. Third day is the main event when families gather around to worship the Goddess Lakshmi. Which is followed by firework festivities and delicious food. Fourth day is considered as the first day of the Hindu New Year. Day 5 is called Bhai Dooj which celebrates the pure and loving relationship of brothers and sisters. Diwali is an occasion for people to revel in the festivities and spread Joy and Happiness. Gifts are an integral part of Diwali celebrations that are used to wish Happy Diwali and spread smiles. Here’s a list of 5 Awesome Diwali Gift Ideas to make Diwali more memorable for your loved ones.

1) Lord Ganesha Idol 

Lord Ganesha Idol is a popular and auspicious Diwali Gift that people give to their first, relative, and closed ones. As Diwali is also the beginning of the Hindu New Year, a Lord Ganesha idol is one of the perfect Diwali gift ideas. It helps to celebrate new beginnings and wish prosperity and happiness.

2) Sweets Gift Box

Lights, colors, and sweets are the essence of the festival of Diwali. No festival is complete without sweetness. The sweetness of the sweets gift box is to represent the sweet feelings of love and care. Think about Diwali sweets and flowers to choose as a perfect gift to give a complete delight to their day. You can also complement your sweet box gift with a handwritten note to make your gift appear more thoughtful. Also consider whom you sent, if it is for your little brother or sister, just search the ideas for gifts to attach it with the sweet box.

3) Mixed Flavored Dry Fruits Nuts

A dry fruit box is another one of the great Diwali gift ideas if you want your gift to also be healthy in addition to being delightful. Dry fruits are a great source of protein, iron, calcium, and many other such beneficial minerals. They are also incredibly rich in taste and luxurious in appeal.

4) Decorative Rangoli

Rangoli is nowadays only used for decorative purposes. Traditionally it is handmade, designed using colors and supposed to welcome Goddess Lakshmi. Who is to bring prosperity, wealth, and joy. Rangoli is also one of the good Diwali gift Ideas that people can use to decorate their homes. Many readymade rangoli options are available online. Search for a reputed store that can provide quality products and prompt service.

5) Wall Hangings

Decorations are a big part of Diwali Celebrations. Houses  are decorated to revitalize with positive energy. Decorations also add to the festive spirit. Wall Hangings are a decorative item used most commonly on the occasion of Diwali. They are also a common gift item that relatives and friends bring for their loved ones.


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