Small Flower Bouquet can be a Big Surprise

Advantages of Small Flower Bouquet as Gift

There are a few advantages of going for small flower bouquet instead of huge arrangements when you think of giving a gift. Off course, big is attractive and impressive but at the same time it may create difficulties as well. A small bouquet may contain 3 to 6 or 6 to 12 stems of flowers with fillers, leaves and decoration. When the recipient do not expect, even a small bouquet will be a great surprise gift on any occasion.

Handy and Comfortable

If you need to carry a bouquet to a wedding or birthday function, it will be much more convenient to have a small bouquet. Big basket arrangement would be heavy, have the risk of water leakage or pollen spoiling your dress while carrying it. It may look odd to carry a big arrangement when you enter the premises but small would look quite good. When you choose an online flower shop to deliver a small hand bouquet, it would be convenient for the recipient also to handle the same. She can easily remove the cover and place the flowers in a vase.

Less Expensive

Small bouquets will have lesser number of flowers and thus less expensive also. Price also depends upon the type of flowers and foliage. If the budget is less, always mention maximum amount that you may spend. By spending less on each bouquet, one can send flowers more often without hurting his pocket. There are people who ask to deliver small bouquet of flowers every month to a specific recipient.

Get it Faster

Big arrangements, either basket or bouquets take a lot of time to prepare it. But for a small hand bouquet of flowers it takes only few minutes to make it at florist shop. As making and wrapping is easy, it can be sent quickly with a driver immediately upon receiving orders. Therefore, for express flower delivery always choose small bouquets for quick execution. On special occasions like Valentine’s Day, when all florists are busy it is better ask for a small bouquet of roses.

Best Ways to Buy Small Flower Bouquet

There are two ways to select and order a small bouquet. One is to order online, searching by the lowest price or style. If there is a physical flower shop nearby, it is also possible to visit them and get it made. Surprise your dear ones often by sending them flowers. It works well on birthday, anniversary or any other occasion.


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