How to Send Sympathy Flowers?

The greatest comfort during our sorrow is the expression of sympathy by others!

People have been sending flowers to express respect and grief since times immemorial. Sympathy flowers from relatives, friends or colleagues surely provide relief to the grieving person. However, choosing the right sympathy or condolence flowers can be a challenge since you have to say it right without going overboard. Give hope and breathe optimism in an otherwise somber scene, therefore, it is essential to choose the appropriate flowers.

Send thoughtful bouquets

The most common for sympathy are the white cut flowers that include lilies, orchids, white roses, and irises. Fresh cut flower bouquets not only give soothing scents but also serve a purpose throughout the ceremony. White flowers signify peace, purity, and sympathy and thus most suitable for such an occasion. Simple white blooms compliment the environment in the times of bereavement. Lilies and roses are the most popular in this segment.

Flowering plants in ceramic pot can also mark of sympathy to the grieving family. They are available in large size pots and can sit graciously on the floor besides wreaths. White flowers can get very good support of dark green highlights. The other options include white azalea bushes, potted orchids, and gardenias that will give a feeling of comfort to the loved ones.

Carnations are also suitable for sympathy arrangements. White carnations symbolize innocence and pure love while pink carnations reflect remembrance. A personal note along with sympathy flowers will certainly make an impact. Other flowers like gladioli, roses, chrysanthemums also make an appropriate choice for making sympathy bouquets.

Sending flowers is an expression of care

Sure, one cannot cover such personal losses, but sometimes letting people know that you are thinking of them and share their feelings can help. What could be a better way to express care than sending sympathy flowers! Especially when you are away, flowers with a message can communicate a great deal of condolence.

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