5 People in Your Life to Whom You Should Send Flowers

There are a number of entities in this vast world that can light up the day of the significant people in your life. Artificial gifts can convey the cherished feelings you have for the other person, but the charm of the mystic beauties still continues unrivalled. In this hectic world, where people are rushing to catch up with their tight schedules and tedious work-life, there is literally nothing in this globe that cannot uplift one’s mood other than the flowers. Sounds cliché, but it is a proven fact. Several human psychology reports have suggested the tremendous positive energy and emotions imparted by blooming beauties in human beings, and this is where you need to identify your call to action. Therefore, stop everything you are doing right now, and start listing out the important individuals who have turned your life into nothing less than a paradise. Appreciate them as earliest as possible with a fresh bunch of blooms. But, before you start with your list, take a look at our list that includes those 5 people in your life that you should send flowers to.

Lover or Spouse

Which other element in this vast world can create miracles between you and your better half than the symbolic form of love, warmth, and care – the flowers. Be it a day-long fight, or celebrating your moments together, a bunch of roses, tulips, orchids, or daffodils are the ultimate game-changer. Sending a beautiful flower arrangement to your lover/spouse may have a beneficial influence on your relationship and help to strengthen your bond. With the aesthetic look and presence of florals, you may brighten their day while also delivering a moment that they will remember for the rest of their lives.


Your best pals always deserve the best from you, even if it’s an appreciative gesture. So, why not give it a flowery twist. Yellow roses are the ones you should opt for friendship flowers to deliver to your mates who have been with you in your best and worst. Let them know that they always hold a special place in your heart with this gorgeous gesture. You don’t need a special occasion to send the flowers as a gift to a friend. Just try it without any reason and see how it will have a positive influence. Thus, a surprise gift from you will make them feel good and also reinforce the friendship bond.


When the whole world is busy celebrating their friends and soul mates, we often forget about our guardian angels at home. Our ever-loving parents are technically the prime personnel that deserves our immense gratification and love. It is high time that we appreciate their sacrifices, and what more joy can any other gift bring other than the mystic blooms. Lillies are the perfect choice since they are the beacon of the purest form of love and compassion, a perfect synonym of our parents. So, you should send flowers to the parents on their birthday, wedding anniversary and other occasions.


No matter how much fight and disagreement exist within each other, deep down, we truly care for our siblings and wish for their well-being. Even though it will seem awkward, we bet you will reserve a special place in your sibling’s heart by means of flower beauties. Gerberas, tulips, and orchids win the race of being the perfect flower option for your siblings.


Along with appreciating your friends, family, and loved ones, it is necessary to acknowledge the existence and greatness of the torchbearer of your career – your boss. Yes, and no, we are not joking, the boss should also be one of these special people to whom you should send flowers. It is a common notion to overlook them in such matters, not because of disregard but due to some unwritten rule of not considering your bosses beyond the professional spaces, in terms of appreciating them for all they have offered towards your career. But they are human beings with emotions, and who knows, they are also expecting some appreciative gesture from your side. A bunch of white orchids or irises are the spot-on choice to surprise your boss, or you can go as per their personal favourites. Appreciate them genuinely and see the difference it makes (a salary raise maybe!).

You may further add to this list of special people as per your requirement. Consider how it will give an impact to strengthen the bond with them as well. So, don’t forget to appreciate these important ones when the next opportunity comes.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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