Top 5 Flowers with Medicinal Properties

Flowers are renowned as the synonyms of grace and grandeur. But how many of you know that the blooming beauties are the abundance of medicinal properties and healing powers. Apart from existing as the beauty in disguise, flowers are the epitome of curing n number of conditions since the olden times, and this time we are presenting to you the top 5 Flowers with Medicinal Properties that you seldom knew.


This perennial trove of heavenly scent is equivalent to a stress buster. No wonder this beauty is used extensively in oils and perfumes! Lavender is the friend you need after a long day, for relaxing your mind and soul, free from any stress. Lavenders are popular for their application as inhalation therapy and curing headaches, nervous disorders and fatigue.


The king of beauty and romance is not only just meant to express love or to send as special birthday flowers but a medicine for many ailments. The rose petals are used as antiseptic and for cleansing purposes. Rosewater is an essential skincare routine for the ones longing for clear and glowing skin and is a perfect remedy for any kind of eye irritation. Rose petals are known for curing digestive issues and making oils or tea for increasing blood flow and curing stress. Roses are rich in vitamins and minerals hence making them a medicinal necessity.


These annual yellow and orange beauties have the power of being a medicinal solution apart from being the sunshine of our gardens. Calendulas can be used for muscle spasms, sore throat and to reduce period cramps. Calendula is a prime ingredient of several skincare products because of its unique expertise in treating acne and eczema and hence it comes as one of the top five flowers with medicinal properties. These blooms also have a history in terms of treating stomach ulcers as well. Its usage during the preparation of herbal oils and creams is solely due to its medicinal values, and make sure you don’t confuse them with ornamental marigolds.


As much as they are used widely for ornamental purposes, Chrysanthemum are also one of the flowers with medicinal properties. These yellow beauties are equivalent to the medicine for hypertension and vertigo. In southern China, Chrysanthemum is famous as a beverage due to its medicinal properties. Fever, type 2 diabetes, digestive disorders are some conditions that can be cured through Chrysanthemums. In addition, they are the eye pack you are looking for since it has tremendous cooling properties just enough to relax puffy eyes.


Sunflower is the giant in the lot because of its numerous medicinal applications. They are diuretic and anti-inflammatory in nature, which itself cures about 50 per cent of ailments. Tea made from leaves of sunflowers are famous for having medicinal values against fever. Not to mention the advantages of consuming edible oil extracted from their seeds. The extracted oil is also used for preparing skin cleansers, conditioners and various other products. Sunflower seeds have the background of existing as a substitute for Quinine for treating Malaria in their account. Make sure to store the oil in sealed containers and witness the wonders it will do to your health and well-being.


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