How to Surprise Your Boss by Expressing Gratitude

A good relationship with your boss or a supervisor at work will not just keep them happy, but also you. A great employee is someone who both understands their position in the organization and takes their responsibilities and duties seriously. When you work with an ethical obligation you grow not only as an individual but also as a professional. You’ll learn how to work within teams. Your social skills along with your interpersonal skills will grow and improve. You’ll get better at communicating. A positive relationship with your boss will also accord you the opportunity to observe them closely and learn how to lead teams.

A happy boss might end up becoming your mentor or advocate which will eventually put the whole panoply of new opportunities within your reach. There are a lot of things that you can do in order to register yourself in your supervisor’s good books. Like submitting your work within time, understanding their goals and helping them achieve them, doing what is expected of you, offering solutions instead of problems, and being open and transparent. One thing that is sure to create a positive impact on your boss is little gestures that express your gratitude towards them. Below we’ve rounded up a list of great ideas that will surely help you get the message across to your boss that you appreciate their efforts.

Make Your Gratitude to Boss Known to Others

When someone tells your boss that they have been told good things about them by you, it is sure to bring a happy smile to their face. Making your gratitude public and letting others know how much you respect and admire your manager’s guiding presence in your life will also lead to others getting inspired and sharing their positive experiences too.

Decorate the Workspace

Your workspace is the place where you and your boss spend the most time together and have the most interactions. A dreary and dismal-looking workspace is more likely than not to inspire negative feelings of irritation, annoyance, and contention. A neat, tidy, and sweet-smelling workspace would set the stage for a congenial environment for positive feelings to grow and thrive. Cleaning and redecorating your workspace is a great idea to revitalize your vigor and impress your boss.

Give Something Special

When thinking of expressing your gratitude, the first thing that comes to mind, is a gift, and rightfully so! Gifts

are the universally preferred way to say thanks. And if we’re being honest, who doesn’t love gifts? When gifting something to your supervisor, you have to be considerate and ensure that your gift is professional and office-friendly. Some great options would be a desk-friendly indoor plant gift or a stylish pen.

Give a Handwritten Note

When talking about formal and professional, notes fit in perfectly. A handwritten note where you express your gratitude for your boss is something they’ll certainly appreciate greatly. You can elegantly word your message with compliments such as “I am grateful to be led forward by such an inspiring, driven, and kind person” or “It’s incredibly delightful to work under a caring boss like you.”

Host a Surprise Party for Boss and Colleagues

An unexpected party to celebrate the hard work and dedication of your manager will leave a long-lasting impression. The party will show your boss that you’ve invested real efforts and energy into organizing it and certainly improve your relationship with them. You can ask your colleagues for help to organize it and make it an experience your boss won’t easily forget. The party can also be a good opportunity for you to socialize with your boss and talk to them one-on-one about things other than work. Decorate the party area and bring in a gift for him by ordering flowers online and thus make it a memorable experience.


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