Say Sorry Better Way

Some people feel sorry after they do or say something that hurt other person. It may be during an argument or just for fun during interactions that such things happen. Those who really do not want to disturb the relationship may immediately rectify the mistake. Even if it is not a mistake, such people go ahead and say sorry to end dispute. But there are people who stick to their gun and argue that nothing went wrong. They may feel that it is not his/ her fault and why should there be a sorry feeling. However for better and smooth dealings, it is always better say sorry to the other human being.

Ways to Say Sorry

1.       Don’t think… just Tell

Thinking whether to say sorry or no will create block. It may not be completely your fault or with intention to hurt. But if we think, it may not reach anywhere and just reach such a stage where nothing can be done for good. We will always think in our favor and not towards reaching at compromise. Therefore, do not prolong and just finish it by saying sorry.

2.       Write on White

Just write down all those difficult feelings and that would be the easiest way to do in that situation. Think from the point of view of the other person and try to remove misunderstandings if any. Sometimes it may be a lengthy note, but surely it is worth writing. Additional benefits of writing are that it may strengthen the relationship further.

3.       Send message

In modern days, communication is easy. Text message, whatsapp message, or other messenger services can make healthy communications for improving relationships. Send a few short messages to ask for forgiveness.

4.       Send Flowers

Most effective way to say sorry is sending flowers with a short note. A bouquet of fresh flowers has magical capacity to soften the heart. It can be in same color that the recipient love to receive. White and yellow roses are really good to send seeking apology. Experience the power of forgiveness with total understanding.

The need to say sorry may arise in any relationship. What and when something goes wrong we cannot say. Speak from the heart and promise not to repeat the same. Mistakes are human and understanding it is that matters. What is right and what is wrong depends upon person to person. Some take seriously and others take it all light. There is scope for several mistakes in business relationships too. To say sorry to a customer is a great way to retain her.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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