Congratulate Someone Wholeheartedly

To congratulate someone wholeheartedly is possible for only for those with an open, broad mind. There are people who say it silently and not with words or deeds. But some would surely say it loud and even give presents to acknowledge the success. There are many ways to congratulate individuals and organizations on their great achievements. Sincere words of appreciation are from the heart and the recipient easily understands this.


Individuals at receiving side of congratulations can be relative, friends or close blood relations like son or daughter. It may be on graduation, getting a new job or opening of a new business that he or she receives a gift of congratulations from someone. One of the best gifts to say “congratulations” to someone is, beyond doubt, flowers.


Companies, organizations, associations, or political parties upon victory also get congratulations from their followers. When a new establishment or branch opening ceremony is going on several associates like suppliers or partners may come up to congratulate. Same way, upon achieving some recognition, national or international companies get appreciation and gifts.

How to Congratulate?

  1. Call and Congratulate: This is the easiest, simplest, most common and fastest way to congratulate someone on any achievement.
  2. Send a Card with Message: This is not a very common method these days as the postal system is no longer used by many people. But it is pleasurable to receive a congratulations card.
  3. Send Flowers with Card: As the online ordering system of e-commerce is well accepted there are several shops for flowers delivery to each country.
  4. Meet and Shake Hand: Meet and greet, share the happiness of achievement is always the best. It is an opportunity to give a flower bouquet or some other gift personally.
  5. Arrange a Party: Celebrate the success with a party and sure there will be lot of people gathering to say: congratulations!
  6. Use Social Media: In modern age, it is common to congratulate through social media like facebook, twitter etc. This way many people in friends circle get to know about the achievement of someone.

Which method is suitable depends upon the nature of achievement or occasion. For example when a baby is born, it is best to send a flower basket or bouquet with message card than just calling and congratulating.

So, here we see that some are less expensive conveying of greetings to congratulate. But some methods need some efforts and cost. There are expert flowers delivery shops who can handle this work on your behalf. Use them effectively to build up strong bonds with some people in this beautiful world.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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