How to Make Your Poinsettias Last Longer

With their starry shape, lush green foliage, and vibrant colorful bracts, Poinsettias have Christmas written all over them and it thus comes as no surprise that they are a popular choice for Christmas floral displays. Native to Mexico, Poinsettias belong to the Euphorbiaceae or Spurge family. The botanical name of the plant is Euphorbia Pulcherrima. With millions of Poinsettias sold around the world from November to January, they have emerged as the most popular Christmas house plant, only second to the Christmas tree. From creamy white, yellow, purple, to pink and bright red, Poinsettias are available in a variety of colors and will easily complement any in-door or outdoor decorative scheme. Because it’s the season of Poinsettias and many of us are going to buy them to decorate our homes to sprinkle a little festive spirit in our lives, it’s necessary that you know a little something about the caring guidelines to make your poinsettias last longer.

1) Buy Young Poinsettias 

If cared for the right way today’s Poinsettias can last months. The first thing that you need to do is be cautious from the get-go. Meaning you have to be careful even when you are buying your Poinsettias even if it is to send someone as a Christmas gift. It’s crucial that you choose the youngest and healthiest looking Poinsettias. Choose a plant with dense foliage and bright colors. Avoid plants that look droopy and have yellow yellowing or dropped leaves to ensure that your poinsettias last longer.

2) Place it in a Bright Spot 

Among the many things that plants require to produce food via photosynthesis and stay healthy, the most important one is sunlight. Like most other plants, Poinsettias need a lot of daytime light to flourish and thrive. The most ideal in-door place for Poinsettias would be by a window. If that’s not possible in your case, find the brightest spot in your house because sunlight is vital for Poinsettia’s growth.

3) Take Care Not to Overwater 

Another important element that determines the growth and longevity of a plant is water. Just like with most plants, watering for Poinsettias can be tricky as well. You need to water regularly but not so much that your plant begins to rot. The best way to know when to water your Poinsettias is to touch the surface of the potting soil. If it’s wet and moist that means you don’t need to water. But if it feels dry then it means it’s time to water them to make poinsettias last longer.

4) Watch the Temperature 

Indoor temperatures ranging from 65 to 70 degrees F are considered ideal for the growth of Poinsettias. To ensure your Poinsettias stay in an appropriate and suitable temperature range you should avoid putting them in places where temperature fluctuations are unexpected and high. Avoid placing your Poinsettias near heat ducts, fireplaces, cold drafts, space heaters, and fans, etc. Poinsettias can suffer significant damage under temperatures below 50 degrees F. Additionally, freezing temperatures are highly dangerous to your Poinsettias as they will surely kill your plant. Thus, follow the simple guidelines to care for the house plants during winter

5) Careful Fertilization

There are different types of Poinsettias available and they are also compatible with any good quality all-purpose fertilizer. A useful rule of thumb is to fertilize the poinsettia six weeks after the bloom ends and then once again after a six-week gap. It is not recommended to fertilize the plant when it’s blooming as it is not required by the plant.

Wish you all a very happy Christmas as holiday season. Get ready to welcome December, the last month of the year and an awesome time to celebrate with the family.


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