Welcome December

Welcome December
Welcome December

We are all ready to welcome December, the month of National Day, cold nights, Christmas and the last 31 days of the year. Many happenings pleasant as well as unpleasant just give way to yet another new year of hope by the end of this month. It is time for celebration, gifts and get together in many countries including Dubai. Many of the big shops are already arranged in November with Christmas items for sale. For us there will be more people asking for flower delivery in Dubai starting from National Day till New Year. Overall it is going to be another month of great joy and happenings. Team is all set to welcome December month.

Flowers in December

Whichever the month, flowers in Dubai for gift and other celebrations or decorations come from other countries like Kenya and Holland. There would be more of fresh tulips and other special flowers coming up in December. Roses are forever, but the red roses will surely be the best choice on this Christmas too. Food and flowers would be essential for any celebration that happens in winter or summer. When the atmosphere is cold and foggy, even when the sun is late to rise up like a lazy man, winter flowers show how harmonious they are with nature. December is the time for Poinsettia flowers to come up and decorate living rooms.

Poinsettia for Christmas

People love Dubai more than ever in December month as it offers the best climate, not too cold and not too hot. Pleasant climate, long tights, beautiful night views and comfortable life during this month will invite so many visitors to this place. Overall a lovely season full of love and laughter is awaiting the fun loving people. Many shops are offering big discounts up to 90{4672209265140c6b254de75b170cb23a68b6d609c3b132a387c9c3434db902d7} by the end of November to welcome year end and the best season. Most of the online shops keep the board of December sale, National Day sale and Christmas flowers. Everyone seems to be in a cheerful mood to either buy or to sell something, with the purpose of bringing more happiness.

Gifts, Cheers and Holidays

In December, it is freezing clod in some places like Canada, UK etc. but moderate climate in some other places like Dubai. People all over the world come to a cheerful mood, sending and receiving gifts and sharing joy. Many people take long holidays either to go their home country or some other places of interest. Eating good food, going out and rejoicing would surely give some happiness but the real joy in December is in giving away to the needy. Acts of kindness is at its best towards the end of the year when we look at the balance sheet of life. Remember, gifting flowers is never a bad idea, especially in the holy month. Welcome December with an open heart, full of gratitude and hope for the best next year.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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