How to Use Flowers to Welcome Someone?

Be it your home or office, flowers can express your hospitality. The warmth and freshness of flowers can cheer up your parties and meetings alike. They are beautiful, appealing and thus very useful to welcome someone to home or office. Here we explain about how to use flowers for this purpose of receiving a guest or anyone.

Welcoming to the Office

Embellish the Office Reception Table

You can make a remarkable initial impression of your services by using flowers as décor for your reception. A simple floral arrangement on the front table will transform the impact made by your front office if you pick a style that suits the nature of your business.

Arrange Conference Table

Meetings and conferences are an inherent part of every business. To ease highly tense events, use flowers. For bigger meetings, a single centerpiece arrangement can be a little too less. Cover more areas of the conference table using multiple small to medium-sized bouquets.

Decorate the MD/ CEO Cabin

A simple flower vase with a fresh bunch can add class to the cabins of high-ranked executives, thus you can create a good impression with flowers. A minimalist setup is recommended for a professional appeal. It is also best to avoid flowers with exceedingly bright colors to maintain the corporate decorum.

Give a Hand Bouquet

If you have a high profile client or partner visiting, it is essential to make them feel special. The time-tested tradition of welcoming with a hand bouquet can never go wrong. Make sure to select elegant flowers that are organized by a professional online florist.

Welcoming to Home

When you throw a party or when a special someone is visiting, decorating your habitat can make you more cordial. Use special flower arrangements for decorating your home and spread positivity around.

Decorate the Living Room

The living room is where your guests will be spending most of their time, and your efforts to decorate your house should be focused here. Decorate the walls with hanging flowers to add to the appeal. You can also stick flowers to the wall with adhesive tape as a temporary setup and big baskets and flower stands to make surroundings colorful.

Flowers on Dinner Table

Dining is a complete experience. A neatly arranged centerpiece on the table can lift the mood of the entire meal. Flowers on the dinner table incite the senses and appetite. The extravaganza of the floral arrangement can be customized to fit your budget and the event.

Keep Flowers in the Guest Room

If you have a dedicated guest room, adorn them with vibrant flowers. In addition to vases and bouquets placed on tables and windowsills, use simple blossom arches on doorways.

Receive visitors at the Airport with Flowers

Very often you may have to welcome someone from the airport. The placard with their name on it doesn’t have to be the only thing that you greet them with. If they are stepping back to their homeland after years. Create an impression with flowers by welcoming them with hand bouquets, the sweetness of indigenous flowers can make them feel at home instantly.

Plants at Corners

Although flowers, by themselves, are sufficient, a bit of greenery can complement the interiors. This can also be a perfect workaround for people with pollen intolerance. You can start with low maintenance plants like lucky bamboos and cactus or grandiose ones like orchids.


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