A Few Great Ways to Seek Apology for a Mistake


We sometimes do things that cause others pain. Whether it is by choice or by chance, we always have the option to seek apology. Here are some ways in which you can make up for your mistakes.

Call, admit the mistake and ‘Say Sorry’

A phone call has almost the same effect as meeting in person. And it can save you the trouble of actual confrontation. Before you make the call, decide how to get to the topic. And make sure you follow-up by meeting them in person.

Send an Email with ‘Clear Explanation’

Some people would refuse to listen to your apology. Their hurt egos will not let them give you the favor of clarifying yourself. If this is the case, take your time to compose an email. Clearly explain your actions that resulted in the situation and seek forgiveness. Keep it simple and let the words flow from your heart.

Send Fresh Flowers with a Handwritten Apology Message

Yes. Say sorry with flowers and notes and it work well for an apology. Don’t buy a printed card that says ‘I am sorry’. That is way too detached. The best notes are handwritten ones. Depending on your relation, you can doodle and make little drawings to make it look cute. It radiates a childish innocence.

Meet, Discuss and Give a Small Gift too.

It requires a bit of courage to personally meet the other person. If you can muster it up, go ahead and meet in person. If you know something that they like or want, consider gifting it. But a box of chocolates and flowers can work perfectly well.

Make an Offer to Compensate for the Mistake

If the other person has faced losses due to your actions, you can offer to make up for it. Your willingness to take an effort to undo the damages by itself may ease the situation. If you broke something of theirs, consider buying them a new one. Gifting flowers is never a bad idea to compensate for the mistake and seek apology.

Promise that Mistake will not be repeated

One thing that most people don’t accept is repeating mistakes. Every act of reparation should come with a promise that the actions that caused it will not be reiterated. And do your best to stick to your word.

Choose Perfect Time and Location to Talk in Person

When making reparations it is important to pick the right time and location. The ideal way is to plan when and where to do it. It is best not to apologize in a situation when you meet them unexpectedly.

Listen to What They Have to Say

Although you are the one eating the humble pie, you shouldn’t be the only one talking. Allow them to express how worried they were and how they coped with it. Giving them full attention can make the apology more heartfelt.

Take Responsibility; Don’t Blame

Take responsibility for your actions that triggered the dispute. Be the one with the big heart and let go of minor flaws. Even if there is a third person who instigated the trouble, don’t bother mentioning it.


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