5 Flowers Symbolize Peace and Harmony

Every flower carries a special meaning and has a unique symbolism linked with the name and history. However, there are a few flowers that carry more than one meaning or thought. So, keeping this in mind here is the list of a few flowers that symbolize the feeling of peace and harmony. Further, these blooms tend to soothe the onlookers with their pleasant beauty and comforting vibe. So, without any ado, let’s proceed and explore the list of flowers that one can add to their surroundings to make it peaceful.

Apple Blossoms

The delicate apple blossoms are considered the prime glory during the early phase of the spring and bloom in the shades of white and pink. For many who are not aware, it is one of the flowers that symbolize a lot. Not just peace, love, and fertility in many cultures. As this flower is a part of the rose family, it can also be used as a symbol of love. And this is a reason why apple blossoms are used in romantic decorations and other intimate places.


The peony is considered as one of the most popular and culturally significant flowers globally. For those who are not aware, these blooms are closely associated with peace, stability, and prosperity. Moreover, in Chinese culture, the peony has heavily inspired the art and culture of the land. It is even considered the symbol of feminine beauty, wealth, nobility, and social rank.

Peace Lilies

These flowers are widely found as household plants and are easy to care for because of their durable nature. Further, this flower strongly symbolizes to peace because of its color. As per Christian belief, this flower has attained meaning related to the afterlife and as a sign of prosperity and peace. Moreover, this pretty blossom is even closely associated with the Virgin Mary, which has given the flower a lot of religious significance.


These stunning blossoms are available in white, blue, pink, and purple hues. That tend to have a soothing effect on the surroundings. Lavender brings peace and harmony to the interactions between loved ones and is often considered a symbol of happiness, love, devotion, and protection.

Moreover, this pretty is also known for bringing relaxation to the mind by inducing sleep. And as lavender thrives well under the sun in a well-drained pot. it is a popular potted plant choice for both outdoors and indoors as a home decoration.


Cosmos are the flowers that represent peace, order, harmony, and modesty. And as the name suggests, these blooms are said to bring harmony. It is said that this flower is often associated with serenity and dignity. Also, one can use this flower to portray romantic gestures between the couples to symbolize harmony and love.

Besides the flowers mentioned above, there are various other beautiful flowers that are often regarded to symbolize peace and harmony. Also, for those who wish to bring a touch of peace to their home or share the soothing virtue with a loved one, they can consider visiting an online florist and getting these special blooms delivered.


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