April Birth Flowers: Which are those and What Do They Signify?

Birth flowers are similar to birthstones, they hold immense significance in our lives. They represent something special about the people born in that particular month.

This time, we are going to talk about April’s birth flowers. As soon as this spring season arrives with the sun in full swing, it’s time to leave behind those bleak and cold days. This season reminds us of the youthfulness and energy present within us.

So, if you know anybody who is an April baby, you can gift him/her birth flowers. Here is all you need to learn about these flowers.

Which are the April Birth Flowers?

There are two birth flowers of April: sweet peas and daisies. Let’s discuss them one by one –

  1. Sweet Peas

Sweet peas are spring flowers that see their origination in Sicily and southern Italy. Their refreshing blooms and naturally beautiful aroma would surely give you an adrenaline rush. Their combination of citrus jasmine and honey creates a pleasant yet strong fragrance.

  1. Daisies

Daisies originate from Asia and Europe after which they flooded the hearts of North Americans and Australians. These flowers got their name from “Daes Eage” which means “day’s eye”. When the sun wishes you a good morning, daisies are the first ones to bloom.

Significance of April Birth Flowers

Sweet peas and daisies are the birth flowers of April and hold immense significance in everyone’s lives. Their qualities reflect the personalities of April born. Here is what each of them indicates –

Sweet Peas come in different colors and here are the symbols behind those:

  • White and peach flowers symbolize purity and modesty.
  • Purple flowers symbolize strength, nobility, and power.
  • Pink flowers symbolize liveliness and gracefulness.

When you feel like any of these qualities coincide with those of your loved one, here is how you can cherish him/her. Daisies are well-known for their delicacy and brightness. Just like sunflowers, these blooms remind you of positive hope and the summer sun. Their white flowers reflect morality, innocence, and virtue.

The yellow center of the daisies tells you all about happiness, joy, and playfulness. It finds inspiration in the folklore that believed daisies to bring balance, prosperity, and abundance of luck.

Ideal for Gifting April Born

People born in April have qualities that resemble daisies and sweet peas. If you want to send flowers in Dubai to express good luck, wishes, and love to special people in your life, you can always bring them on the same day. Buy these daisies and sweet peas for your parents, children, siblings, friends, or partner. This would add meaning and thoughtfulness to your gift.


Birth flowers are the perfect gift, especially if the recipient believes in the hidden meaning behind these blooms. Sweet peas and daisies are available in a range of colors so that you can find the perfect one for your loved ones. They can be used to create a wholesome bunch or added to a mixed flower bouquet. Don’t forget to send a personalized message along to make it more beautiful.



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