Gift Ideas for a Unique Long Distance Relationship

Long-distance relations are getting very common in the modern world. Many people are afraid that despite all the communication technologies, they might lose touch with their better half. But this is not true, you can have a gratifying relation even from a distance. Here are six ways in which you can keep a distant relation animated through gifts.

Send a Picture Frame of the Happiest Memories

The sad part of being at two corners of the world is that it is hard to keep the memories alive. You never get to talk and laugh again about that one special day or trip. It is essential to keep the moments rekindled so that your love remains invigorated until you get to meet again. A framed picture of your most cherished moment can ensure that the memories never fade.

Give them a Decorated Book with Secret Messages

What makes relations work is the moment you create together. When you are destined to live apart from one another, it can be hard to engage in activities together. But you can have the same thrill and fun with a secret message book. It involves the time and effort of both of you and this will ensure that your mutual engagement is renewed. It is almost like a little treasure hunt adventure at the parties, but with just the two of you.

Deliver Flowers with Cute Teddy Bear

If you are running out of ideas for the most sophisticated gift items here is a word of advice. Sometimes the simplest choices are the most elegant. The traditional combo of flowers and teddy bear can work well for your other half. The element of surprise will also add to the excitement of the gift. If you want to make it more personal, you can consider getting a custom-printed teddy bear.

Send Personal Hand Written Letters Occasionally

Texting has become the norm but sending cute pictures from the Internet lacks the creative effort from your side. This is why you should consider sending handwritten letters to your partner occasionally. Do this sporadically and unannounced to keep them guessing and excited. If you have an artistic heart, consider drawing a picture or two to accompany the letters. Giving flowers is a romantic way to express your emotions towards loved ones. Attaching message with flowers is an ideal way to grab their heart and will create a memorable moment.

Present Personalized Ornaments on Special Occasion

Nothing can be more heart-warming than getting the perfect gift from your loved one. If you plan to send custom jewelry to your partner, start the prep work way ahead. Subtly drop the topic into your conversations and try to figure out what it is that she covets the most. Make sure to not get carried away and spoil the surprise till the last moment. If you live in two parts of the world, get something that is only available from your place.

Arrange Printed Coffee Mugs of Pictures Together

When you can’t be a part of their daily life, you have to resort to other methods that will make you a part of their routine. One great idea is to give them a coffee mug which is printed with a picture of both of you together. This works especially well if the other person is a coffee aficionado. Your partner is guaranteed to see your face and cherish it with every sip from the cup.


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