Teachers Day Gifts: 8 Important Tips for Gift Shops

Are you a person who happens to own or manage a gift or flower shop in Dubai? Then count yourself, lucky buddy! Because we are here to ‘teach’ you a little about teachers day gifts. Teacher’s day is the one day we get in a year that allows us to show appreciation for all the work and effort our teachers put into making our life successful. In my opinion, teachers deserve all the praise in the world, and what better way to show our gratitude than to get them a gift? Gift shops are everywhere nowadays and if you want to stay ahead of the competition, you gotta sell a lot, make a reputation, and have happy customers all around.

Teacher’s day is fast approaching and we are here to give you some awesome tips and pointers to help make this teacher’s day even more awesome. So, keep reading to find out more!

1) Availability:

A business should always work according to the consumer’s schedule. Before you deliver the gift, make sure the recipient or in this case, the teacher is available at school. If he/she is not in school either because they were on leave or because they left for home after finishing that day’s duty, then try and deliver the gift to their home instead. Call and confirm the address from the recipient itself and make sure to hand them the gift. If the teacher is available in the school, but busy in class then you may leave it at the reception.

2) Time of delivery:

This is a very important point to remember. When you deliver a gift to the school, make sure to deliver it before the time teachers leave the school. Try to deliver it during recess time or lunch break time so that the teachers can receive the gift while they are at school itself. The students will love to see their teacher smiling from ear to ear with happiness.

3) Confirm the Address:

Confirm and reconfirm the address before you deliver to avoid any kind of misunderstanding. Be sure to check early on to see if the address is within your delivery radius.

4) Delicate Gifts:

Do take extra caution when delivering delicate and fragile gifts like flowers, chocolate, cake, or even glass. They tend to break and fall apart easily and this process ruins your reputation as well. So, do not keep them at a place where there is direct sunlight. Take care so that children should not access these items, out of curiosity.

5) Inform the Sender:

If the delivery OF Teachers Day Gifts are made at the security cabin or the reception, inform the sender about the current status of the order. Call the recipient and confirm later whether he/ she has picked up the gifts from the reception area or the security cabin.

6) Sender Details:

In the absence of any special instructions, you must always include the sender’s name on the message card, unless the sender has specified that they should not be mentioned. There may be a message card usually with the gifts so that the recipient would understand who is the sender.

7) Picture / Video:

Try to take a picture or a video and send it to the sender so that they know how does the gift look like. This can also work as evidence in case a gift goes missing.

8) Good Service:

Last but not the least, make both the recipient and sender a fan of your service. The key to every successful service is regular customers and that is true for Teachers Day gifts delivery as well. A happy and satisfied customer will spread the good word about your gift shop which will hopefully attract more potential customers. Therefore, service is the most important factor in sending flowers online to Dubai, United Arab Emirates, or any other city in the world.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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