Most Popular Choices in Red Rose Bouquets

Red rose bouquets are perhaps the most popular gift throughout the world, especially to express love. The creation of this phenomenal bloom dates back to Greek mythology where it is associated with Aphrodite who is also known as the Goddess of Love. It was when Aphrodite began to cry after looking at her wounded lover that the first rose germinated off the ground. Her tears mixed with his blood to water the ground that gave birth to the first-ever rose. In Roman mythology, roses are linked to another goddess of love, namely Venus. In the Victorian era, roses had begun to be used widely as subtle displays of affection. Subsequently, with romantic poets rising to fame, roses continued to cement their status as the ultimate symbol of love.

Although most people only know roses for their association with love, passion, and romance, roses have varied other meanings too. For instance, in some cultures, they are believed to exhibit virginity or Virgin Mary to be specific. In Medieval times, brides and grooms wore roses to represent their purity. Different shades of red roses are also believed to convey different meanings. For example, some believe a burgundy rose displays one-sided love and a dark red rose demonstrates deep passionate love. All in all, red roses convey a wide variety of positive, reassuring feelings. Thus it comes as no surprise that they are widely used as gifts all around the world. Interestingly, color is not the only factor that influences the meaning of a floral arrangement. How many flowers your red roses bouquets contain also matters. Keep reading to learn what red roses bouquets with different numbers of blooms mean. By the end of the blog, you’ll have adequate knowledge regarding the popular choices of bouquets using red roses.

Small Bouquet of 6 Red Roses

It is believed that a red roses bouquet with six flowers represents feelings of infatuation and a strong desire “to be yours”. Therefore, choose this kind of red rose bouquets when you need to regularly keep in touch and express the love. They are less expensive, yet attractive and thus serve the purpose. There are also different styles that the florist uses to wrap and decorate them to make it unique every time.

12 Red Roses with Suitable Wrapping

Do you have a person that you are helplessly in love with, but find it hard to convey to them that you want them to be yours? Then a red roses bouquet with 12 roses is your best bet. A red roses bouquet with 12 flowers is a perfect way to say “be mine”.

24 Red Roses Bouquet

Want to let a special someone know that they are yours and always on your mind? Then 24 red roses are just what you are looking for. A red rose bouquet with 24 flowers is a perfect way to let a loved one know that you can’t stop thinking about them. They look bigger and better in presentation.

50 Red Roses

50 Red Roses represent a love that is boundless, eternal, unconditional, and a perfect gift for a spouse whether it is for Valentine’s Day or a gift on anniversary. More roses mean bigger size and thus a luxurious item. Thus, avoid all the fillers and make it just plain and simple. It is also one of the top items for women’s day gifting purposes.

100 Red Roses

These huge size red rose bouquets show completeness. It shows the extent of your devotion to your significant other and your determination to make your love last for centuries. Thus, 100 roses are one of the most premium items in store with any florist in Dubai or anywhere in the world.


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