Here is the Ultimate List of People Who Need Flowers during a Wedding

A wedding is incomplete without flowers. But, when it comes to deciding who all need them besides the bride and the groom, most people get confused. To ward off the uncertainty, browse this list to know who can consider getting wedding flowers for this big day.


A bride’s bouquet and flower crown are the first and foremost things that come to the mind when you think about flowers on a wedding day. It is her day after all!

The custom of carrying bouquets dates back to the ancient period. But, then, the floral arrangements used to be of spices or herbs to keep bad luck and evil spirits at bay. During the Victorian era, the tradition of flower color came into being wherein orange, representing fertility and happiness, and white, standing for purity, became popular choices.


Match with the color and style of the bouquet of your bride and wear a boutonniere for that special day. Pinned on the left lapel, the arrangement can be anything from the classic lily and rose to a scabiosa pod and lamb’s ear or even a billy ball boutonnieres.


A smaller version of the bridal bouquet, the arrangements in the bridesmaids’ hands may be unique but should complement the bride’s bouquet with similar color or style.


These gents can wear a boutonniere, which is a little different from the one worn by the groom. This means, their accessories have to be smaller than the groom’s, but the same in color and palette.

Ring Bearer

Your little ring bearer will do good with a miniature boutonniere. You may also deck his ring box or ring pillow with some wedding flowers.

The Flower Girl

Usually, this little lady carries a basket of toss petals. However, you can also hand her over a small bouquet or a single stem, depending on her ability to hold it. Yes, it is the bride’s day, but what harm can a crown on a flower girl’s head do?

Grandmothers and Mothers

Pinned to their left lapel or on the wrist, your corsage can have two to three flowers during your grandchild or child’s wedding. You may also replace the flowers with a small bouquet having 3 to 5 stems or a single stem. In case, you opt for a single-stem, let it be a large flower like hydrangea, peony or garden rose. Wrap it with a ribbon and look pretty!

Grandfathers and Fathers

If you are the bride or groom’s grandfather or father, you too will adorn a boutonniere. Interestingly, you have the liberty to choose your boutonniere, it may match or be completely different from what the younger generation adorns.

If you are part of a wedding function, see whether you are among the above individuals or not. This way, you can make up your mind for ideal wedding flowers for you. In case if you need any flowers for wedding in Dubai, here is the website to order a bouquet online.


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