How to Decorate Home or Office with Indoor Plants

There are a lot of ways to beautify the interiors of your house or workplace. One very popular option is placing indoor plants. In addition to the relaxing visual appeal, the green companions bring numerous benefits to your physical health and the mind as well. Here are some creative ways in which you can decorate your interiors with indoor plants.

Place Small Plants on Shelves

Shelves are great to place your plants on. From built-in shelves to floating shelves, there are numerous options to accommodate indoor plants. Make sure to rotate the pot every few days so that every part of the plant gets equal exposure to the sunlight. Also make sure not to overwater, as the moisture can damage books and other utilities on the shelf.

Hang Plants on Walls

Sometimes you may not have enough space to dedicate for an indoor plant. This is when a plant wall can be a great idea. You can hang pots from the wall or use retrieved materials like wooden boards to create a low-cost setup. The arrangement can be customized to accommodate different species of plants from moss to cactus. In the kitchen, you can have a hanging herb garden at an arm’s distance.

Arrange Small Plant at the Centre of a Table

A centerpiece can bring elegance to dining or office tables. For such arrangements, it is ideal to choose a small plant on a compact holder. You can also use long-necked vases for flowery plants with long stems like orchids. The centerpiece can be circular, oval, or square-shaped to match the top of the table.

Use A Pretty, Decorative Pot for Plant

Every plant needs a pot as its home. As they are an essential part, sufficient thought must be given to their selection. The shape, size, material, and color of the pot should be suitable for the plant and your habitat. Pots made of wood, ceramic, metal, cement, and plastic are available in the market. Pots give the freedom to experiment with creative artistry on them. In addition to the visual appeal, selecting the right type of pot is also crucial for the proper growth of the plants.

Pay Attention to Color and Lighting

The beauty of the interior plants can be maximized by giving attention to the color of the plants and how they complement the colored walls in the interiors . A professional can help you select the appropriate plants that bring harmony to your indoor design. Another factor that makes your plants attractive is the lighting. Placing electric lights at the proper angles ensure that your green friends are in the spotlight. Combination of green and white is excellent for indoor plants just as in case of peace lilies.

Place Big Plants at Corners

After placing everything in the room, the corners usually look oddly vacant. If this is the case in your room, you should consider placing a tall plant on the corner. Plants like the Dragon tree and the Parlor Palm can occupy the vacant spaces with lush foliage. These plants are better placed in a sturdy and heavy pot and are often intended to be a permanent location for them.

Select Low Maintenance Indoor Plants

For busy people and those with less experience, it is best to choose low-maintenance plants like cacti or Chinese evergreens. There are many ways to choose plants as gift as well as for indoor decorations. Varieties like the Zebra plant and Orchid demand much attention and care. They may wither away due to minor mistakes and this tends to discourage beginners. Plants that are suitable for your climate can be easy to handle.


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