How Does Flowers Influence Our Emotions and Make a Positive Change

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever” are the famous words of the romantic poet John Keats that he wrote in his poem Endymion. His argument is actually based on facts. It’s proven by science that humans naturally experience a boost in serotonin, the happy hormone, when they see something beautiful. Flowers are perhaps most famously known for their captivating looks. We use them when we feel the need to add a touch of beauty to special occasions or our offerings. Flowers are used widely throughout the world for their revitalizing beauty, positive connotations, and mesmerizing smell. Flowers are powerful in their ability to lift up spirits and bring a smile to your face. Keep reading as we discuss in detail the ways in which flowers influence our emotions positively.

1) Improving the Mood 

According to behavioral research conducted at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, flowers are one of the most effective ways to improve mental and emotional health. The study found that all the participants expressed immediate and true happiness upon receiving flowers. The study also found flowers to offer long-term health benefits as the participants reported feeling less anxious and depressed after regularly receiving flowers or being around them. Besides the beauty effect, another way flowers improve mood is by purifying the air around them.

2) Helps to be Creative 

This would be the last benefit you’d think of when you purchase flowers or flowering plants. But surprisingly enough, it’s supported by science that flowers encourage and spark creativity. According to a research study conducted by Texas A&M University, flowers are helpful in boosting creativity by 15%. There are many ways how they do so. Firstly, the color green is said to be associated with productivity. Additionally, there’s an evolutionary angle and the humans’ intrinsic connection with foliage and plants. Moreover, plants increase alertness and concentration.

3) Symbol of Gratitude 

More often than not, we find ourselves short of words or ways to express our gratitude. Expressing gratitude not only helps encourage good behavior and strengthen social or familial connections. It also helps you feel good. As per research, being grateful can enhance our long-term happiness by 10%. Flowers are one of the best ways to express your gratitude. You can gift flowers to say “thank you” to anyone, irrespective of their gender or age. Thus, beautiful flowers influence our emotions and make the relationships stronger and better.

4) Nurturing the Romantic Relationship 

After a while all relationships begin to lose their spark. You often see partners trying to find ways to keep the spark in their relationship alive. It’s not that hard as it may seem. All that you need is to sometimes do something special for your partner. Giving them a flower or a floral arrangement doesn’t require a lot of effort. You can easily book a floral bouquet online. Flowers are known to encourage the feelings of love and passion.

5) Conveying ‘Get Well Soon’ Message 

When wishing speedy recovery to an ill loved one you want to convey the feelings of hope, sympathy, and love. Get well soon flowers not only make the person you are sending them to feel good but also brighten up the dreary atmosphere of a hospital room. Among the many flowers that you can send to a loved one at the hospital include chrysanthemum, roses, and carnations. These flowers influence our emotions and thus evoke the feelings of hope, love, care, and sympathy.


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