Find an Easy Way to Send Flowers Dubai

Send flowers Dubai online
Send Flowers Dubai Online

If you need to send flowers Dubai as gift there can be a permanent and easy solution. You may not go to the physical shop, spend time and carry the bouquet to another location to deliver it. Just order online and the whole purpose is served by someone expert in field. Focus on work and see that your gift reaches recipient on given date and within time range. It is just a one-time effort to find a suitable supplier who has an online facility.

How often you send flowers as gift?

Once in a month you send flowers Dubai? Or just a few times in a year? Some are regular users of this service but some use delivery only on very important occasions. If you have a regular online shop that can save money and time in case if you are regular user. Just ask for discount and some may provide if you are a regular customer. There are some people who would like to sign up for a regular 10 days delivery of fresh flowers bouquet.

How much you can spend?

In Dubai, you may need to spend minimum Rs130/- + VAT 5{4672209265140c6b254de75b170cb23a68b6d609c3b132a387c9c3434db902d7} to send flowers Dubai with delivery. If a bigger bouquet or basket is required then price would increase accordingly. A regular sender may go for low budget but occasional users may be ready to spend anywhere between AED150 to AED300/- depends upon budget and purpose.

Where in Dubai you need the service?

Usually it does not matter the distance to send flowers Dubai being a compact city to reach anywhere within 3-4 hours of order. It takes some time to process the order, make the arrangement and then deliver it. Travel time may be between 15 minutes to 1hour only after peak hours. Between 8AM and 10AM it is high traffic time and thus if a delivery is required in the morning better order one day in advance.

Best way to send flowers Dubai with the help of an expert regularly or on important occasions is to select a reliable flower shop online and stick to them.


Author is owner of a leading flower shop in Dubai with online order facility. He has 10 years experience of managing this service and writing on it. Information on products and services is given on occasional blog posts.

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